Mr and Miss Williamsburg Pageant Announces Celebrity Judges

The judges for the upcoming Mr and Miss Williamsburg Pageant have been announced, and they’re made up of a couple professional hybrids, a musician, and Sam Brown from Whitest Kids U’ Know.
The official line-up is:
DJ/Designer Kesh, journalist/model Sarah Morrison, Jason Poranski (of Beirut) and Sam Brown (from The Whitest Kids U’Know)
Feel free to revisit our earlier interview with pageant founder Misha Calvert, and don’t forget, the pageant is next Friday, September 5th at Supreme Trading. RSVP on Facebook or Going.

Ticket Giveaway: Sonic Youth At McCarren Park

Green Point wines has launched a contest to win 4 VIP tickets to this Saturday’s Sonic Youth concert at McCarren Park Pool. The winery has included a trivia question about the pool on the main page of their Web site, and the first person to answer the question correctly will win – tickets include VIP seating with comfy couches, food and Green Point wines throughout the night. To enter… visit

In Williamsburg, It's Like The 80's All Over Again

And this time we’re not talking about the haircuts and post-punk reemergence. From Metro

Crime has become a hot topic in Williamsburg — especially tales of machete-wielding kids roaming the streets.
Williamsburg’s 90th police precinct has experienced the sharpest rise in crime since last year of any neighborhood in Brooklyn, making some locals nervous. ‚”My friend said they’re attacking white hipster boys on bikes,” Neil Campbell, a tattooed South Fourth Street resident who fit that bill, said. …
‚”Gang violence in the community [has] re-emerged into something we haven’t seen since the 1980s,” said William Orellana of community group El Puente.
Last month, Richard Duran, 22, who residents say was not a gang member, was shot at the bus depot on the South Side near the Williamsburg Bridge. Some believe the shooter was a member of the PBGs, or Pretty Boy Goons. Later that night, young men with machetes — allegedly Trinitarios — slashed two people on South Third Street near Bedford Avenue.


Jamie T is my new favorite hybrid rocker/singer/white-boy-rapper/22 year-old from the UK. This video for ‚”Calm Down Dearest” helps illustrate his style and dental situation.
The video looks like it was perhaps filmed in a drunk guy’s dorm room with a handheld camcorder, but the song is undeniably loveable and so is he. I would pay TONS of money to get drunk with him and Lily Allen (who actually has an appearance on Jaime T’s new album ‚”Panic Prevention“). TONS OF MONEY.

Clinton Redeems Herself

She morphed into a unscrupulous, fear-mongering, pant-suited Karl Rove in the primaries, but last night Hillary redeemed herself. Now, one question remains… what are these lunatics going to do:

In case you missed it, watch Clinton’s speech after the jump. We can’t decide if we’re touched or repulsed by Bill mouthing “I love you.” (At the 2:35 minute mark).
On another note, our pals at Rumproast have been covering the PUMA movement (Party Unity My Ass) in hilarious detail. Check out Rumproast’s Puma Pounce Radio show.

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A Look at Williamsburg's Other Bowling Alley

Rendering by Elizabeth Bolognino/Learned Evolution
We found a few renderings of Brooklyn Bowl, the new 20,000 square-foot bowling alley opening on Wythe St. in Williamsburg later this fall, and it’s looking like they won’t be holding anything back. Aside from being a 16 lane 600-person capacity bowling center, Brooklyn Bowl will be a place for events, parties, concerts, screenings, corporate schmoozing, a restaurant, and hopefully layers of that famous Brooklyn debauchery that we’ve all refined so well. Design wise, it sounds pretty cool. Not only will they have audio designed by Harmon Kardon, and Dolby engineer Paul Sacco, it’s going green. Here’s some more from BizBash:

Design-wise, the 600-capacity Brooklyn Bowl is not looking to hide the rough interior of the 1889 building, rather the design will accentuate it with custom ironwork, furniture, and other pieces. For example, for the lanes the venue’s designer, Tristam Steinberg, is using old leather Chesterfield couches and iron coffee tables instead of typical alley seating.

Click through the jump for a rendering of the bar, and get your bowling shoes ready for some neighborly competition to The Gutter, although I think the two will end up serving different clientele in the long run. Until I see the place, you’ll probably find me with the rats.
Story via BizBash

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Ask Dr. Jay

Dr. Jay Parkinson (image Noah Kalina)
The doctor is in! Dr. Jay Parkinson, the so-called “Hipster Doctor” of Williamsburg—featured on Gawker, The Brooklyn Paper and dozens of other places—will begin answering your health-related questions here, on Effective immediately.
First order of business: we are hereby disposing of the name “Hipster Doctor.” It’s dorky. Jay hates it. And sure, he’ll talk with you via IM, but he doesn’t wear skinny jeans or use PBR for anesthesia.
He’s now simply Dr. Jay, your friend, our doctor, and resident Williamsburg health expert. He wants to help.
If you’re not familiar with Jay, he runs Hello Health which, uh, pretty much rules. They provide professional healthcare for a wired generation that often can’t afford the premiums. From the Hello Health website

Once upon a time, going to your doctor was simple. You knew his first name, or perhaps just called him “Doc.”? He lived just down the street and made house calls. And if you were sick, you would see him that day, because, well, you were sick…. Hello Health serves as your old-fashioned neighborhood doctor, remodeled for today’s lifestyle, an experience found nowhere else in health care. And, on top of being accessible and affordable, we focus on you, as a real live, busy person.
We can do all that because we love technology, the Internet, and especially our iPhones. You can talk to us like you’re talking to a friend: through emails, texts, phone calls, instant messages, or face-to-face conversations. Also, everything’s online, from making appointments to accessing your records. It also helps we’re close by, living and working in your neighborhood. We like talking with you and spending the right amount of time with everyone. We believe that good communication in a close relationship, whether you’re feeling fit or not feeling well, is what keeps you at your best.

Now, Jay will also be answering your questions on this site. Next time you wake up bleary-eyed on a Saturday morning, with a blazing rash on your thigh, shoot a question off to Dr. Jay. He’ll advise you on safe sexin’. Or, if you’re just an everyday person with a mundane life suffering from a standard-issue virus, Jay can help too. Nothing’s off topic. (Though he does get sick of jokes about gynecological exams). Just fire off an email to askdrjay[AT]freewilliamsburg.dotcom whenever you feel like it, and the Dr will be in weekly to answer your calls.

Yo La Tengo Helps Us Say Adios

Last Sunday brought the end of the free JellyNYC Summer Pool Parties at McCarren Park Pool, and yea, everyone was sad to see them go. I just wanted to post a few pictures real quick, sans commentary, that we took while hanging out with everybody.
Line-up was: Yo La Tengo, Titus Andronicus, Ebony Bones with DJ sets from David Cross and Syd B (Les Savy Fav).
Here’s the goodbye from JellyNYC:

It’s weird to see ‚”no upcoming shows listed” over there on the right. Yesterday was our last Pool Party of the summer, and the last Pool Party ever at McCarren Park Pool. And it was a doooozy. Expect lots of pictures and a recap soon, and feel free to hit the message boards at to share some of your favorite pool memories and stories. Thanks for another great summer.

We’ve posted some photos for your enjoyment, compliments of Angela & Robert, and yes, that is David Cross (who dj’d) with a funky David Cross hat.
The final show for McCarren Park Pool (non-pool party) is September 30th, with Sonic Youth.
Thanks all y’all for the good times, music, bikinis, and a special thanks to JellyNYC! A few more photos after the jump.

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