Who Knew?

Freewilliamsburg founder Robert Lanham is one of the most influential and “visible” New Yorkers on the interweb. Of course, the people who generated the list live in Vancouver. Hilarious. See the full list at NowPublic.com

‚”Visibility and connectedness define today’s elite,” said Leonard Brody, CEO of NowPublic. ‚”Today, there are innumerable new ways for one’s voice to be heard. The goal of the MostPublic Index is to measure who is currently most effective in broadcasting their own personal brand online, as well as identify emerging players.”

Julia Allison is going to be pissed she didn’t make the list.

Devendra Banhart: "Carmensita" (With Natalie Portman)

Insurance Company Rules

[hat tip Rumproast]

Deerhoof, Siren Festival, PS1, and Liars

Deerhoof’s Satomi Matsuzaki
On Friday
Prospect Park Bandshell
Doors 6pm, $3
More information at Celebrate Brooklyn.

Celebrate Brooklyn & Wordless Music present DEERHOOF / METROPOLIS ENSEMBLE: THE RITE: REMIXED The mercurial experimentalists DEERHOOF, ‚”the most creative band in indie rock today,” (LA Weekly) forge a distinctive sound out of sophisticated improvisation, fierce dissonance, and weirdly catchy melodies. They’re paired here, via the forward thinking Wordless Music Series, with a world premiere by METROPOLIS ENSEMBLE, led by Artistic Director/Conductor Andrew Cyr. The Rite: Remixed is a collaboration with composers and live electronics producer/performers Ryan Francis, Leo Leite, and Ricardo Romaneiro, who re-conceptualize Stravinsky’s monumental The Rite of Spring through the lens of the latest sounds and technology from electronica. The work combines keyboards and laptops with huge percussion and brass ensembles to create a futuristic, rhythm-inspired sonic tableau.

On Saturday
Its always too crowded, too hot, and the sound sucks, but THE SIREN FESTIVAL begins at noon. This year Malkmus and Broken Social Scene are the big names, but we’re most excited about The Dodos who, all sources say, put on a great live show.
at Coney Island
noon – 9pm, FREE
more information at the Village Voice website
Also on Saturday:
Warm Up feat. Danton Eepron w/ Au Revoir Simone, Dorit Chrysler, and Egill Saabjornsson & Flis
PS1 Contemporary Art Center
3-9pm, $10
From Flavorpill

This week’s Warm Up provides yet another reason to hop a tugboat to Long Island City (as if you needed one). Curated by style-for-the-people outpost agnes b., the electro-leaning bill toes the line between dance music and pure pop, with an oddball spirit that befits the avant-garde surroundings. Theremin player Dorit Chrysler presents an engaging concoction of new composition, balladry, and electronic meandering, while Au Revoir Simone steer things in a more hummable direction with the aid of a few Casiotone keyboards. London DJ Danton Eeprom, meanwhile, brings Warm Up back to its disco-house comfort zone.

more information at the PS1 website
On Sunday
Doors open at 2pm, FREE
(provided they don’t find anymore bodies)
From Flavorpill:

Noise isn’t supposed to be this pretty. Sure, My Bloody Valentine, Jesu, and a whole mess of pedal-pushers have shown that’s not necessarily true, but Fuck Buttons take the concept to a whole new stratosphere. “Bright Tomorrow” had the blogs beside themselves — a simple, shimmering keyboard melody that boils over into a Yellow Swans-ish barrage of screams and hiss. Working a similar balance between substance and skronk, be it through the triumphant psych-stomp of last year’s self-titled album or the urban tribalism and doom-dub of They Were Wrong and Drum’s Not Dead, the headlining Liars reinvent themselves more convincingly than any other indie-rock band around

more information at mccarrenpark.com

Kristen Schaal Talks Cougars On The Daily Show

In case you missed it, this is hilarious:

Decomposed Body Found at McCarren Park Pool

WTF? From ABC News

Police are trying to identify a badly decomposed body found Thursday morning inside a shed at a Brooklyn pool.
Authorities say the gruesome discovery was made just before 10 a.m. at the McCarren Park Pool on Lorimer Avenue between Bayard Street and Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg.
Parks workers told police a foul odor had been coming from a shed at the pool for months. The workers reportedly found the body when they went to the shed to retrieve some equipment.
It is not known precisely how long the body had been inside the shed. The area is said to be frequented by homeless people.

Rachel Maddow May Get Her Own MSBNC Show

Clearly, it’s because we recommended her. From NY Times.

‚”At some point, I don’t know when, she should have a show,” said Phil Griffin, hours before he was promoted on Wednesday to president of MSNBC. ‚”She’s on the short list. It’s a very short list. She’s at the top.”

Absolut Zach, Part 3

They just keep getting more retarded. In case you missed it, here’s parts I and II. Thanks Kevin.