When Did JC Penney's Become Edgy

Did they hire Dov Charney as marketing director? The Jeebus people are not going to like this:

The Non-Motivational Speaker Series

Adam Rosen was kind enough to invite FREEwilliamsburg founder, Robert Lanham, to speak on Thursday, June 26, at Happy Ending Lounge. Hope you can make it. He also posted an interview with Lanham at Gelf Magazine. From Gelf Magazine:

The Non-Motivational Speaker Series returns to New York on Thursday, June 26 at 8 p.m. Curated and hosted by Adam Rosen, this monthly event features an above-average lineup of decidedly non-motivating authorities, each presenting views alternative and overlooked on a veritable goody bag of topics. A different theme will be tackled clothesline-style each month, including, but not limited to, comedy, amateur pornography, culture jamming, and religion.
Small Media (as opposed to…Big) will be this month’s topic. Featured speakers are Anna Holmes, Editor of Jezebel.com; Chez Pazienza aka Deus ex Malcontent, blogger par excellence, emmy-winning TV producer ([very] formerly of CNN), and PDF-published memoirist; and Robert Lanham, Editor of FREEwilliamsburg and author of The Hipster Handbook and The Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right.

Directions and more information at Gelf Magazine.

This Weekend: Afrika Bambaataa, Tokyo Gore Police & PS1

FRIDAY AT 8PM: Rooftop Films presents Shorts about Love with music by Deer Tick

Short films about love and loneliness will tug at your jaded heartstrings; Deer Tick will make you gaga for the new wave of Americana; an open Radeberger beer bar at the after party will wash all your sorrows away.

More information here.
ALSO STARTING ON FRIDAY: The New York Asian Film Festival. Tokyo Gore Police looks awesome [NSFW]:

SUNDAY AT 3PM: Sunday Best! feat. Afrika Bambaataa
From The Yard’s website:

Gussie up to get down. It’s an easy-going, late afternoon, barbecue come dance party. Sunday Best! is once again taking over The Yard, a leafy waterside lot on the Gowanus Canal for a nice, mid-afternoon barbecue. It’s no ordinary weenie roast, though. The bar-b’s organic (provided by Kelly Geary of Sweet Deliverance) and resident DJs Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Doug Singer are playing alongside Afrika Bambaataa. The electro creator and hip-hop godfather is bringing it block party style. Get our your cardboard boxes and break one off.
Doors 3pm
Tickets: $8
[email protected]

SUNDAY AT 3PM: PS1 Summer Opening Celebration on June 22 will feature performances by Hex Message and Ecstatic Sunshine. More information here

P.F.1 (Public Farm One – pictured above) is an urban farm concept that evokes the look of a flying carpet landing in the P.S.1 courtyard. Constructed from large cardboard tubes, its top surface will be a working farm, blooming with a variety of vegetables and plants. The structure will create a textured, colorful, and constantly changing surface in contrast with P.S.1’s angular concrete and gravel courtyard. P.F.1 will work as an interactive bridge between outside and inside, creating multiple zones of activity including swings, fans, sound effects, innovative seating areas, and a refreshing pool at its center. The installation will be a living structure made from inexpensive and sustainable materials recyclable after its use at P.S.1

Leave Michelle Alone

As was pointed out yesterday on Michelle’s appearance on The View, the media is misquoting her as saying:

“For the first time in my adult life. I feel proud of my country”

This is what she actually said:

‘For the first time in my adult life. I feel really proud of my country”

There is a subtle, but important difference. And come on, given our fucked up track record with race, and the current injustices going on today (Guantanamo, torture, suspension of habeas corpus, government cronyism, the Iraq war) who can blame her for not being critical. I encourage everyone to watch this video (which contains some disturbing moments) to get a little perspective. Loyalty without criticism isn’t patriotism. It’s stupidity. [via Rumproast]

The Ron Burgundy Interviews

People with sophisticated taste know that Anchorman is the best movie ever made. That’s why we were excited to discover the all-new Ron Burgundy Interview series on Funny or Die. Here’s Ron interviewing Rebecca Romijn. Tom Brokaw after the jump.

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U.S. Hid Detainees From The Red Cross

Just when you think Bush Inc can’t get any more fucked up. Via HuffPost

The U.S. military hid the locations of suspected terrorist detainees and concealed harsh treatment to avoid the scrutiny of the International Committee of the Red Cross, according to documents that a Senate committee released Tuesday.
“We may need to curb the harsher operations while ICRC is around. It is better not to expose them to any controversial techniques,” Lt. Col. Diane Beaver, a military lawyer who’s since retired, said during an October 2002 meeting at the Guantanamo Bay prison to discuss employing interrogation techniques that some have equated with torture. Her comments were recorded in minutes of the meeting that were made public Tuesday.

Full Grown Men

Finally, a summer movie we want to see is about to be released at Cinema Village on Wednesday, June 25th. Appropriately, it’s called Full Grown Men, channeling our angst at the ten million *retarded* superhero movies released every year for the 11-year-old boy demographic. Full Grown Men features Amy Sedaris (worth the price of admission right there) and Debbie Harry as a mermaid. The trailer looks solid too: [hat tip Buzzfeed]

Amy Sedaris Outtakes after the jump.

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Nader Reaches Out To His Base: Jocks

You’d think he’d realize that his 15 or 16 remaining fans have no idea who Coby Bryant is in the first place.