Poultrygeist and the O'Reilly Meltdown

These two videos are completely unrelated, save for the fact that they’re both hilarious and deeply disturbing.
We’re totally going to see this just-released film Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, via Buzzfeed

Of course, the movie would have been better if some of those zombie chickens were unleashed on O’Reilly. [via HuffPost]. UPDATE: Youtube pulled the clip. You can watch it here.

Obama Takes Superdelegate Lead

Someone needs to read Hillary the writing on the wall. From ABCNews

ABC News’ Karen Travers Reports: For the first time this campaign season, Barack Obama has surpassed Hillary Clinton’s support among superdelegates, according to the ABC News delegate estimate.
Sen. Obama, D-Ill., picked up two superdelegates this morning giving him a new metric to tout in addition to his current commanding leads in pledged delegates, popular votes, states won, and money raised.
Rep. Donald Payne, D-N.J., switched his endorsement from Clinton to Obama and Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., endorsed Obama. DeFazio was previously uncommitted.
With these endorsements, Obama has the support of 267 superdelegates and Clinton has 265 superdelegates.

Meanwhile, Bill continues to be a train-wreck:

Stereolab: "Three Women"

The new Stereolab single “Three Women” sounds great. We can’t wait to hear the whole album. Via PTV [Thanks Jah]

Download the “Three Women” MP3.

"Blindness" Trailer"

Jose Saramago’s book “Blindness” is one of our favorites in recent memory. We’re excited to hear there’s going to be a movie:

When a sudden plague of blindness devastates a city, a small group of the afflicted band together to triumphantly overcome the horrific conditions of their imposed quarantine. BLINDNESS, starring Academy Award-nominee Julianne Moore, Gael Garcia Bernal, Mark Ruffalo, Sandra Oh and Danny Glover, is a psychological thriller about the fragility of mankind. Adapted from Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago’s masterwork, the film is directed by Academy Award-nominee Fernando Meirelles (‚”City of God”) from a screenplay by Tony Award-winner Don McKellar (‚”The Drowsy Chaperone”).

It’s slotted for release this Fall. Check out the new Blindness trailer here.
In other movie news, we’re also excited about HBO’s “Recount,” which premieres this month. Despite her lack of boobage, we can’t imagine better casting than Laura Dern for the role of Katherine Harris. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Yes, It's Time For Hillary To Throw In The Towel

Remember when the Hildabeast’s crowds were handpicked for the cameras to make her campaign look vibrant and diverse? Those days are over. Apparently her core constituency now consists of flesh-eating, zombie, cult members who have had all the blood drained from their bodies. Image c/o Gawker:

Best. Craig's List Post. Ever

We don’t know if this is real, but when it’s this funny, it kinda doesn’t matter. Via Flickr

2008 Summer Screen Schedule At McCarren Pool

We just posted the full schedule at McCarrenPark.com.

Part 2 of Zach Galifianakis' Absolut Ad

If you missed part 1, you may want to watch it first. On second thought, it doesn’t really matter since they’re both utterly retarded and make almost no sense. We mean that in a good way, of course. Via Best Week Ever and Buzzfeed