Thank God Memorial Day Is Here

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McCain's Other Spiritual Guide

Do we really want a potential president taking counsel from a lunatic like this? This kind of rhetoric further compromises the so-called “war on terror” and further alienates us from the very people with whom we should be trying to make peace.

Zach Galifianakis Hidden Camera at OSU

We should just change the name of our site to FREE Galifianakis since we will post pretty much anything he’s involved in. Even his half-baked projects are hilarious:

Too Slack, Cynical, And Disaffected To Fight

Gawker day editor Alex Pareene has an hilarious rebuttal to my article posted on Radar. Here’s my favorite line:

Years later, none of us are entirely sure why anyone claimed to enjoy the sounds Eddie Vedder makes. Perry Ferrell. Christ, what were drugs even made of in the 1990s?

In my defense, I always fucking hated Pearl Jam and Jane’s Addiction and I wasn’t too keen on the criminally overrated Nirvana for that matter. (If you want to embarrass us bring up Trent Reznor).
Anyway, my article’s primary intent was to frame boomers for hypocrisy and favoritism. Sure, I take lots of shots at Millennials along the way, but come on, a little friction is par for the course in an article about generational angst. Historically speaking, the boomers were criticized. Gen X was criticized. The Millennials are now getting their turn. It’s a rite of passage. Radar came up with the title “Generation Slap: A Call to Arms Against Millennials.” It was a smart move on their part since it attracted lots of attention. But if you go back and read it, you’ll see that most of my venom is reserved for boomers and with a media that credits Millennials with our achievements. And come on, who doesn’t think Of Montreal is retarded for doing this. Now get off my lawn…. I’m trying to read an antiquated little thing known as a book.

Is That A Flying Penis Or Are You Just Happy To See Mr. Kasparov?

A press conference by Gary Kasparov is interrupted by a flying penis.

The Real McCain

And don’t forget, he voted against the waterboarding ban.
He voted against Jim Webb’s proposed GI Bill arguing that if soldiers are given adequate money for college they won’t re-enlist.
And who could forget the billions of dollars McCain’s Savings & Loan scandal cost American taxpayers.

Old Time Relijun In Williamsburg

With complimentary beer from 10:30-12:30. RSVP here. A couple of videos after the jump:

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