Southpaw owner to take over Galapagos space


TONY has it that Southpaw owner Matthew Roff, currently involved in the final stages of opening new Prospect Heights beer garden Franklin Park, plans to sign a lease tomorrow on the Galapagos space in Williamsburg.
The name: Natural Selection. ‚”We’re all fans of Darwin, obviously,” says Roff, who will partner with the owners of popular South Slope watering hole Bar Four. ‚”We were originally going to call it Madagascar but we thought that might be too much of a slap in the face.”
Roff plans to retain the location as a performance space, and tells us the transformation could be ‚”weeks away.” Galapagos, as has been widely reported, will relocate to Dumbo sometime in 2009.

McCarren Park Pool 2008 Schedule

McCarren Park Pool
Since lots of people have been asking about McCarren Park Pool, here’s the short answer. Yes, the venue will once again be hosting shows this summer. Sadly, this will be the last summer to enjoy live concerts. [Full story here]. We’ll be maintaining the calendar at
Beginning in June, JELLYNYC and Helio will be hosting free Pool Parties on Sundays. Meanwhile, Ticketmaster will be selling shamefully overpriced tickets for the shows they represent as well. Hopefully, Live Nation won’t be transforming McCarren Park into patchouli-infested hacky sack land again this year by booking jambands.
Confirmed shows thus far include Wilco, M.I.A. and Hold Steady. There are some pretty cool rumors circulating too. Visit for the full schedule.
[Note: this will also be our last summer to maintain, so attention real estate moguls, we’re accepting your highest bid on the site.]

Obama Would Investigate Bush

Via HuffPost

Tonight I had an opportunity to ask Barack Obama a question that is on the minds of many Americans, yet rarely rises to the surface in the great ruckus of the 2008 presidential race — and that is whether an Obama administration would seek to prosecute officials of a former Bush administration on the revelations that they greenlighted torture, or for other potential crimes that took place in the White House.
Obama said that as president he would indeed ask his new Attorney General and his deputies to “immediately review the information that’s already there” and determine if an inquiry is warranted — but he also tread carefully on the issue, in line with his reputation for seeking to bridge the partisan divide. He worried that such a probe could be spun as “a partisan witch hunt.” However, he said that equation changes if there was willful criminality, because “nobody is above the law.”

Meanwhile, the Hildabeast continues to morph into a Republican. We were delighted to see Stewart call bullshit on her “elitism” charges: “Not only do I want an elite president, I want someone who’s embarrassingly superior to me.”
If you haven’t seen it, this is essential: Baracky: The Movie [via Rumproast]

Nigerian Gangster

ChiTown DJ Mike Love mixes up Jay Z’s American Gangster with Fela Kuti, Grab it here. Thanks Rumproast.
Previously, American Zeppelin mashup.

Is That A Naked Lady On Cheney's Sunglasses?

Fly-fishing must be a euphemism for hot teen action. [via buzzfeed]

The Daily Show On Fox News

This is even better than OutFoxed:

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Vegas Slots More Stringent Than Voting Machines

This it telling.

Rob Corddry to Play Ari Fleischer In Stone's Bush Film

What genious casting. Josh Brolin has already been cast as Bush, but we’re thinking Shatner’s got the bravado to do a good Rumsfeld. David Cross could do Cheney. And Michael Vick could play Rove. From The Vulture

On Monday, we jokingly suggested that Oliver Stone’s upcoming Bush movie, W, would be a comedy since, based on all leaked evidence, it seems like it’s shaping up to be the Anchorman of presidential biopics. And now, MTV is reporting that hilarious former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry, star of such political dramas as Blades of Glory and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, has signed on to play White House press secretary Ari Fleischer!