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Bridge Vineyards Urban Winery

image c/o Eater
A new urban winery just opened beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. Has anyone been? Let us know what you think. Address, reviews and more information here.

Kimmel's Revenge: "I'm F*cking Ben Affleck"

For the record…. Kimmel’s actually pretty damn funny. We ignored his show for a long time because of his “Man Show” anti-credentials, but his late night show is actually not bad at all. Plus, we liked the first season of The Andy Milonakis Show (created by Kimmel) and how can you not love Lost: The Musical (after the jump):

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Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers' Where The Wild Things Are To Be Reshot?

From CHUD, hat tip The Vulture

I’m hearing that… a massive reshoot is what is on the table right now. And it’s not because of technical issues, unless you want to consider the lead kid actor and the script technical issues. Sources tell me that the suits at Legendary and Warner Bros are not happy with Max Records, the actor playing Max, the mischievous boy who is crowned King of the Wild Things. Worse than that, they don’t like the film’s tone and want to go back to the script drawing board, possibly losing the Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers script when they do it. Apparently the film is too weird and ‘too scary,’ and the character of Max is being seen as not likable.
Where The Wild Things Are screened for a test audience in Pasadena late last year; my friend BC, who watches a horror movie a day, caught the screening and liked what he saw, but I’ve also been told that the movie is ‘subversive,’ which is just the sort of thing that drives studio suits up the wall. The film, I keep hearing, is pretty great at this early stage of post-production, but it could very possibly not be a commercial movie. You can imagine the panic at Warner Bros when they realized they’d made a reportedly 75 million dollar kiddie art house film.

What did they expect from Jonze and Eggers, a cookie-cutter Shrek movie with dancing penguins? Here’s the leaked clip:

The Real McCain Story

Look, we loathe McCain as much as the next guy but today’s New York Times story is in bad form. Sure, he’s been overly cozy with lobbyists and his “let’s reform Capitol Hill” mantra is nothing but rhetoric. He was part of the Keating Five scandal, for Christ’s sake, which cost tax payers billions of dollars. More recently, he betrayed his own McCain-Feingold Act by setting up the nonprofit Reform Institute from which he funneled hundreds of thousands in soft money to his own campaigns. And who can forget his we could be in Iraq for a 100 years war mongering? McCain’s sleazebag credentials are solid.
But did the paper really need to make insinuations about his sex life? Especially since these insinuations come from anonymous sources who were merely “concerned that his relationship [with Iseman] had become romantic.” Sounds like the Times is grasping at straws, not to mention making us queasy by forcing us to think about John McCain having sex. Their anonymous sources all stop short of claiming an affair actually happened. If they’ve got hard evidence that McCain was sleeping with a lobbyist (whose clients benefited from the tryst) then let’s see it. Otherwise, making insinuations about a candidate’s personal life on such shaky evidence is truly below the belt. Didn’t we learn our lesson from Monicagate? The Times made the right decision to expose “the Maverick’s” hypocrisy, but printing unfounded insinuations about an affair to generate interest in their story is Murdoch territory. Even if the rumors turn out to be true, it’s unethical to report them with such flimsy evidence.
The real story the press should be focusing on in regard to McCain is his vote last week to green-light torture. As a former prisoner-of-war and a so-called advocate of human rights, McCain’s vote to approve waterboarding is disgraceful. This is the story that the New York Times, and the other major media outlets for that matter, should be covering. It boggles the mind that McCain’s endorsement of torture wasn’t the story the Times chose to place on their front page today.

Grand Archives

We’re huge Band of Horses fans, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting the debut release of Grand Archives which came out yesterday. This Sub Pop band is fronted by former BOH member Mat Brooke, who left the band after Everything All the Time. Aquarium Drunkard has some tracks which sound great. Especially Miniature Birds which reminds us of Seals & Crofts, except in a good way. (We didn’t think that was even possible). You can check out some demo tracks here. And there’s more at there myspace page.

Horrible Hillary Videos, Part 2

Be careful. Your head may explode. Thanks Rumproast:

What Hillary Supporters Look (And Sound) Like

We’ve actually never met anyone who gets excited about Hillary. Evidently, this is what her supporters look like. [Thanks Rumproast]