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American Zeppelin

It’s kinda like the Grey Album, only with Zeppelin tracks. DC-based DJ Doc Rok mixes up Jay-Z’s new album creating a hybrid of American Gangster and classic Zeppelin. Grab the zip here.

"Cambodian Rocks": Groovy Cambodian MP3's

The incomparable WFMU has a great collection of Cambodian MP3s for the grabbing:

In 1996, the Parallel World label released the LP “Cambodian Rocks”, a collection of Cambodian psych and garage music from the 60s and early 70s (probably), compiled by an American tourist named Paul Wheeler from some cassettes he bought in Phnom Penh. No information on the songs was provided at all, no artist names, no song titles, and no recording dates. Four years later, Parallel World reissued this compilation on CD with a few extra tracks, but still without any identifying information. Unfortunately, it is more than likely that many of the featured musicians, showing a definite Western influence in their music, were murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime which took over power in 1975. Certainly none of them ever received any money from the sales of this compilation. However, the music is wonderful, and here it is for your enjoyment

Grab “Cambodian Rocks” here. [Thanks Jeff]

Creationist Wikipedia

From Creation Wiki

Most creationists believe that dinosaurs coexisted with mankind on Earth and lived recently. Biblical support for this perspectives is drawn from the Genesis 1 where it states that all animals were created on the sixth day of creation along with humans. It is furthermore presumed they were still alive at the time of the global flood and taken on board Noah’s ark. Evidence to support this perspective includes:
1. The Bible specifically states that a breeding pair of every kind of animal came to the ark.
2. The fossil record is filled with the corpses of dinosaurs that were buried during the deluge.
3. The abundant physical evidence of recent existence of dinosaurs.
It should be noted that although the Biblical description of Noah’s ark states it as large enough to host even the largest known specimens of dinosaurs, it is logical that younger / smaller varieties were taken aboard.

Now, let the wiki vandalism begin. This entry on homosexuality is a good place to begin.

A Johnny Cash Xmas… With Andy Kaufman

Stay tuned until the 3 minute mark. [Thanks Rumproast]

We Need To See This

Drunk Swiss Rock Stars Sing "We Are the World"

Ghostface "Explains" Name Of His New Album: "The Big Doe Rehab"

This is priceless:

“Dreams– you can’t really remember the dreams– but I was someplace, I don’t even know if it was rehab, but it was mad money in there. When I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was The Big Doe Rehab.”

Pitchfork has a review.