Minesweeper, The Movie

The Duct Tape Bandit

It’s almost hard to believe this is real. Make sure you watch the video. [Thanks Kevin]

New Club, Terminal 5 will open in early October

MIA to perform in October
Judging from the line-up, the club seems like a pretty big deal. [hat tip BrooklynVegan]

The Bowery Presents, an independent New York concert-promotion company, today announced Terminal 5 will open in early October and will be the largest midtown venue to open in more than ten years. Terminal 5 will be located at 610 West 56th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues, and will provide a new 3,000-capacity midtown music, art and event venue.
11: The National
19: M.I.A.
20: Justice
23-24: The Shins with Vetiver
1-2: The Decemberists
23: State Radio with The Beautiful Girls
30 – 12/1: Ween

Apologies for the meager amount of new posts….

image c/o Gearbits
It’s Time Warner’s fault. The rumors are true, they are totally incompetent as a cable provider. For now, the FREEwilliamsburg office has become our local internet cafe.

Turd Blossom Resigns

And we’ll kind of miss hating him. Rove says he expects the president’s approval rating to get better, perhaps not coincidentally? Wall Street Journal has the story. Later fuckhead.

Real Doll Documentary

Feministing has a *great* documentary on Real Dolls. You can check it out here, but you might want to wash your hands after viewing.

Beastie Boys Tonight at McCarren Park Pool

Since everyone is asking:
Doors at 5:30
Band goes on at 7:00
more info here.

Penis Drawings

Even better than the Superbad trailer: