Jack and Meg on "Pancake Mountain"

This brightened our Monday morning blues….

Wall Street Journal Loses All Credibility

Congrats William Randolph Hearst Murdoch.

New Williamsburg Park Doesn't Allow Dogs

East River State Park
East River State Park via Flickr
From The Vulture

Williamsburg’s new waterfront oasis — East River State Park, it’s officially called — opened for business Wednesday, liberating the grass-starved locals to get down to the riverfront. But their dogs remained oppressed. City-run parks welcome dogs, but this state park doesn’t. “Look, I understand that when you have dogs here, you’re looking to give them exercise and let them play,” said Rachel Gordon, city director for the state parks office. “But we don’t allow dogs in any of the state parks in the city.” One fear, she explained, is that the dogs would damage the new vegetation.
Locals aren’t quite buying that argument, and petitions are in the works. “It’s a really big issue in the community,” said Cathleen Breen of Friends of Williamsburg Park. And Justine Buchanan, who recently moved into the North 8 condos across the street, said her two Chihuahuas are longing. “It’s such an industrial neighborhood, and finally we have this beautiful expanse of grass,” she said. “Those of us who would enjoy the park most have to stay on the sofa at home.” Gordon, the state-parks official — and a dog owner — is standing firm. “It does not seem to be the right place for dogs at this time,” she said. “That doesn’t mean never.”

You can check out some East River State Park pics here.

July 2007 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
Warner Herzog’s “Rescue Dawn”
This month, Transformers and Harry Potter show Shrek, Spidey and Pirates how it’s done. Or, they fail miserably and Hollywood goes into free fall. Either way, there will be a Simpsons movie this month and that’s all that really matters.
July 6
The iPhone of summer movies.
Picture Pearl Harbor with Autobots. On the other hand, the writers did a lot of Jack of All Trades and Alias and contributed to the Mission Impossible III screenplay so, much as it pains me to say it, there is hope (although the story credit goes to a guy who did Catwoman and The Core). On the other hand, they turned Bumblebee into a fucking Camaro. As difficult as it is for me to write these four words for a Michael Bay film, I have to admit: Early buzz is good.
Being squeezed in between Ratatouille and Harry Potter isn’t the best position in the world, but I think Optimus Prime can hack it. $356mil.
Meet the Reverend
Well, you’ve got a director who’s helmed his share of Offices along with one of that show’s stars (John Krasinski). The writers are more or less unkowns and Mandy Moore’s comic timing was pretty much confirmed by her stint on Scrubs. Robin Williams may have jumped the shark a long time ago, but he’s perfectly capable of pulling out the funny if he so chooses (he just hasn’t in a while). All of this doesn’t change the fact that the trailer has about one laugh in it (it involves M.C. Hammer).
I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your little romcom over the sound of giant robots blowing shit up. $38mil.
Wargames prequel. Too obscure? Actually, kid goes all Omen-y without actually being hellspawn.

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To do: July 4th

July 4th at Rooftop Films in Williamsburg ($30)
Via rooftopfilms.com:

Political Shorts: Un-American Films
Amusing Americana, explosive music, fantastic fireworks view and a two-hour open bar.

5:00 – Doors Open
5:00 – 7:00 – Open bar with FREE Martin Miller’s Gin and Beaujolais chilled red wine.
6:00 PM – Live music by The New Dress
7:00 PM – Live Music by The Subjects
8:00PM – Live music by Vic Thrill and the Saturn Missile
9:00PM – The best fireworks view in the city
9:30PM – Films
On the East River at Solar One (@ 23rd St), just north of Stuyvesant Cove

The New Pornographers at Battery Park, 3:30pm
Via TimeOut

Tickets to this indie-yuppie blowout are free, but if you haven’t already reserved your seat, you’re too late. Those who do have their shit together will spend the Fourth with beloved Canadian guitar-pop band the New Pornographers, whose snazzy songs are so tight that they have nowhere to go in concert. The Texas quintet Midlake’s The Trials of Van Occupanther is indebted to the folk-inflected California sound that was perfected by Fleetwood Mac in the mid-’70s. Obviously, Midlake is not at the Mac’s level, but frontman Tim Smith writes intriguing songs, delivering them in a voice redolent of jet lag and caffeine withdrawal.

July 4th party in Williamsburg at 3rd Ward:
Via Uncool Kids

TIME: Sunset to Midnight
PLACE: 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave between Stagg and Meadow, East Williamsburg
SUMMARY: “Celebrate Independence on the massive roof of 3rd Ward. We have an amazing view of both fireworks shows. Drink cheap booze, eat good food and groove to the eclectic mix of dj Zemi17.”

Above the Law

Just when you think Bush couldn’t be a bigger douchebag he goes and does this. You can check out some of the political reaction here.

The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums of 2006

Number 1: Inhuman Rampage by Dragon Force. From Cracked

DragonForce is a metal band. But they’re not just any metal band. DragonForce is a living, breathing, walking cliche of such epic proportions, it makes Spinal Tap seem like an actual documentary.

Cracked has the whole list here