The Shins Take To The Streets Of Paris

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Jam Bands To Transform McCarren Park Into Patchouli-Infested Hacky Sack Land

That’s right, Disco Biscuits are slotted to jam-out this August at McCarren Park. Obviously, Live Nation (aka Clear Channel) has its fingers on the pulse of Williamsburg. From Crooked Rain

Look’s like Bisco, as Disco Biscuits are known to fans, and Umphrey’s McGee are going to be playing McCarren Pool this summer.
Now for those of you not down with the jam band scene, Bisco and Umphrey’s are two of the bands jockeying to fill the vacuum created after the disbandment of Phish and save the scene from complete obscurity. After seeing both bands several times, which I am a bit ashamed to admit, I have to say not only do they both kind of suck, but also have incredibly annoying fans. The only saving grace of hippies is their drug induced haze enables them to dance at shows rather than stand there like statues, desperately trying to look cool (NY hipsters, cough). However, I usually found that most fans of these bands tended to be more into the drug aspect of the concert than the actual music, so I guess it’s a trade off. In the end, the irritating fans and monotony of the music caused me to abandon jam bands for greener pastures.
SO, be sure to avoid McCarren Park and Bedford Ave on 8/15 if troves of Long Island hippy stoners and twenty-minute suck-fest songs scare you as much as they scare me.

On the bright side, Cat Power will be playing in July.
On a related note, check out our new website for all the latest info on McCarren Park Pool.

Whale Spotted In Gowanus Canal

UPDATE: Sadly, “Sludgie” has died
Given how polluted those waters are, it will soon be spawning some creature that will battle King King on the streets of Manhattan. From the AP

In this photo released by the United States Coast Guard, a minke whale swims in New York City’s Gowanus canal, Tuesday, April 17, 2007. Marine biologists were dispatched to investigate the whale that found its way into the narrow Brooklyn waterway best known for industrial pollution. It was not known whether the animal was in distress.

Japanese Toilets

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Will Ferrell vs The Landlord

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Cat Power To Play McCarren Park Pool

Chan Marshall portrait by Grant Siedleck
Given the persistence of this shitty weather, we’re looking forward to some of this summer’s upcoming shows. Namely Cat Power at McCarren Park Pool.
Plus it’s been rumored that Sonic Youth may perform Daydream Nation, in its entirety, at Prospect Park. On the downside, Celebrate Brooklyn is reeking of patchouli this year:
Prospect Park Band Shell, Brooklyn, NY
Thu 06/14 – The Neville Brothers
Sat 06/16 – Joan Osborne
Thu 06/21 – Richard Thompson
Fri 06/22 – Ralph Stanley
Tue 06/26 – Manu Chao
Tue 06/27 – Manu Chao
Fri 06/29 – Ravi Coltrane, Groove Collective
Sat 06/30 – The Stills, Sam Roberts Band, Malajube
Thu 07/05 – Isaac Delgado
Wed 07/18 – Ani Difranco
Thu 07/19 – Morley, Blackmail with Alloy Orchestra
Fri 07/20 – Catherine Russell & Bobby “Blue” Bland
Thu 08/09 – The Hold Steady, The Big Sleep, The Teenage Prayers
Sat 08/11 – African Festival w/ Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
BrooklynVegan has more here.

YACHT at the Hiro Ballroom tonight

Yacht is solo project of my Portland homeboy Jona Bechtolt from the Blow, and his forthcoming record ‚”I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real” is already getting major blog love. The Fader is even threatening “Akon-level posting” about him; the last band they did that to was TV On the Radio, and look what happened to them. Live, it’s Jona, his laptop, and a whole lot of crazy visuals and spazzing out.
Show deets: Gang Gang Dance, Professor Murder, Yacht Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel(Rhizome Benefit) 21+ $35
-Cortney Harding

Of Montreal On Conan

In case you missed them last night, Pitchfork has the video, costume changes and all. Check it out here.