Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes Does An All-Accoustic Performance

From Lullabyes

Playing to a packed house, Kevin played a full 10 song set that included Of Montreal favorites, a brand-new song “Something To Be Laughed At” and various covers. Be sure to check out his interpration of The Beatles “I Will” and the beautiful, heart-breaking rendition of Neil Youngs “Harvest Moon”

Download the whole thing here

The Sea And Cake: Everybody

The Sea and Cake’s follow-up to 2003’s One Bedroom is slotted for an April release and what we’ve heard thus far sounds great. Obscure Sound has a few samples.
The Sea and Cake – Crossing Line; from Obscure Sound
The Sea and Cake – Introducing; from Obscure Sound
The Sea and Cake – Exact to Me; from Obscure Sound

To Do: Chinese New Year…

…is on Sunday and it’s the year of the golden pig. Cakehead has some great suggestions on how to celebrate.

Check it out: USAisaMonster tonight at Uncle Paulies

USAisaMonster play post-apocalyptic noise-prog that will probably serve as the soundtrack when Bush decides to invade Iran and we all get nuked. Unlike their 2005 70-minute rock opera, ‚”Wohaw,” their latest, ‚”Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age,” comes in at a mere three quarters of an hour and features a few tracks that tread close to indie-rock song structure. If you like Hella, USAisaMonster might just become your second-favorite earsplitting two-piece.
MP3s: http://www.myspace.com/usaisamonster
Tonight’s show is at 8pm with Arbouretum and BLUES CONTROL. Cover is $6 and directions to Uncle Paulie’s are here: http://myspace.com/unclepauliesnyc
-Cortney Harding

New Dungen Tracks, The Postmarks

From Obscure Sound

On May 1st, Ejstes will release Dungen’s fifth album Tio Bitar. Translated to ‚”Ten Pieces”, that is exactly what it is: ten new excellent pieces of music from the mastermind of Gustav Ejstes. While he still plays the majority of instruments like past releases, Ejstes actually enlisted some outsider help for the recording of Tio Bitar. While Ejstes is still the main force, he brought in a few friends to aid with backing vocals, along with a Turkish string musician. Ejstes can still be found on guitar, bass, organs, flute, and strings. Tio Bitar is Dungen’s most expansive album yet,

Download 3 New Dungen MP3’s here
We’ve also been enjoying The Postmarks. Fans of Belle & Sebastian, Stars, Camera Obcura, amd mopey twee won’t be disappointed:
MP3: The Postmarks – Goodbye [from Fabulist]
MP3: The Postmarks – Let Go [From BonTon]
MP3: The Postmarks – Weather the Weather [From BonTon]

The hottest love has the coldest end

I recently had the unfun experience of having to review Rob Sheffield’s sweet ode to his late wife, ‚”Love is a Mix Tape,” the same weekend I got totally super-dumped. But the experience did get me back on the mix kick, and thus I present my Valentine’s Day 2007 playlist. I’ll get all Casey Kasem style and send this out to the fish, with the following note: pay attention to the order of the songs and the lyrics.
Twilight Singers, ‚”I’m Ready”
Jennifer O’Connor, ‚”Today”
Velocity Girl, ‚”My Forgotten Favorite”
Wilco, ‚”Reservations”
PJ Harvey, ‚”You Said Something”
Elliott Smith, ‚”Amity”
Carla Bozulich, ‚”Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”
Snuggle-Ups , ‚”Ferris Wheel”
The Blow, ‚”The Long List of Girls”
Neil Young, ‚”Only Love Can Break Your Heart”
Liz Phair, ‚”Divorce Song”
Ian Moore, ‚”April”
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, ‚”Graceland”
The Submarines, ‚”Peace and Hate”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ‚”Maps”
Bob Dylan, ‚”Just Like a Woman”
-Cortney Harding

Battle of the epic videos

Both cross the nine-minute mark. Both feature female starlets linked the singers. Both are about love gone wrong, and end with the female starlet dying (sorry for the spoiler, and also, since when did Houellebecq influence rock videos?).
So which one wins:

Guns N’ Roses, “November Rain”

Justin Timberlake, “What Goes Around Comes Around”
-Cortney Harding

Strange Houses

See the full gallery here.