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The Defense Department’s rules for upcoming detainee trials would allow terrorism suspects to be convicted and perhaps executed using hearsay evidence and some coerced testimony.
The rules are fair, said the department, which released them Thursday in a manual for the expected trials. However, they could spark a fresh confrontation between the Bush administration and the Democratic-led Congress over treatment of terror suspects….
As required by law, the manual prohibits the use of statements obtained through torture and “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” as prohibited by the Constitution. It allows some evidence obtained through coercive interrogation techniques if obtained before Dec. 30, 2005, and deemed reliable by a judge…
“As a general matter, hearsay shall be admitted on the same terms as any evidence,” the manual states.

Rodrigo y Gabriela Slotted To Play Bowery Ballroom

Mexican guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela have just announced a show at the Bowery Ballroom March 21st. You can pick up tickets here. If you’re not familiar, check out this amazing performance on Letterman. [Hat Tip BrooklynVegan]

New Magnetic Wonder

The Apples In Stereo’s new record, New Magnetic Wonder, isn’t slotted for release until February 6, but we lucked into an advance copy and have been enjoying it immensely. Pitchfork has called it a “little too feel-good” but we’re not sure that’s possible. Check out “Energy,” our favorite single of 2007 thus far.

Download “Energy” here [MP3 via Stereogum]. Buy New Magnetic Wonder here.

A Hip Hop Time Warp

De La Soul: 3 Feet High and Rising (press kit)

From So Much Silence

Fumbling around Google the other night while pretending to do some ‚”research,” I came across this amazing piece of hip-hop history via YouTube. It’s a video press kit (about seven minutes in length) for De La Soul’s seminal debut 3 Feet High and Rising[…]
The main theme of the clip, though, seems to center on the group almost defending the album, which probably earned as much abuse as praise for its out-there mentality of peace, love and medallions. De La takes umbrage with being labeled ‚”hippies,” a topic that becomes the driving inspiration behind 3 Feet High’s follow-up, De La Soul is Dead.

Luna Lounge Opening In Williamsburg

From their website, hat tip BrooklynVegan:

“Luna Lounge is located at 361 Metropolitan Avenue at Havemeyer Street – Brooklyn, NY. The nightclub will be open weekends in January and early February with a full schedule starting in the spring.”
Jan 19 – The Comas & Falcom (OPENING NIGHT)
Jan 20 – Orange Park, The Picture, & Motel Creeps
Feb 10 – The Mugs, The ios, Louis

Now if they would just hurry up and complete the movie theater.

The Kooks

Interview by Grant Moser
The Kooks debut album, Inside In – Inside Out, spent more than half of 2006 in the UK Top 20. I got to sit down with Hugh Harris, the lead guitarist (and all of 19 years old) at the bar at the Hudson Hotel. It was two hours before their show at Bowery in late October.
From what I’ve read, you guys got together, started doing some demos which landed on a manager’s lap, and you got signed really quick.
It happened really quickly for us. Scarily so, in a way. We might have signed a bit too quickly. In the grand scheme of things, we’re really young people—and don’t get me wrong, we’re really hungry for what we’re doing—but we were lucky that the label respected that when they signed us. We have a really good relationship with them. We got along with the people there, and they gave us a year or two to go on tour and develop. We basically told them ‚”we don’t want to make a record cause we’re not ready.”
And they were cool with that?
Totally. It’s amazing for a major label. We got really lucky.
How many songs did you have ready that they signed you?

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New Charlie Louvin Download Featuring Will Oldham

This sounds promising, [via Tompkins Square]

Country Music Hall Of Famer Charlie Louvin is finishing his album with producer Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Bobby Bare Sr.) in Nashville. The album features guests like Will Oldham, Jeff Tweedy, Tom T. Hall and Elvis Costello to name a few. The first single, “Must You Throw Dirt in My Face”, a duet with George Jones, is now available for download at your favorite online store in advance of a February ’07 release for the album on Tompkins Square.

Download Charlie Louvin (Feat. Will Oldham) – “Knoxville Girl” (MP3) [via Sterogum]

MisShapes Getting Their Own H&M Line?

How long can MisShapes milk their 10 minutes of fame? From Paper via Gothamist

MisShapes Getting Their Own H&M Line?
I was just eating brunch with a New York friend of mine in Glendale and he told me that the MisShapes are getting their own line at H&M! Apparently it will be their name on the line but designed by Benjamin Cho and Josh Madden. Can anyone confirm or deny this?