New Bright Eyes Track

Four Winds
From Pitchfork

In the runup to his forthcoming Cassadega album, we’re met with a six-track EP, featuring five songs that won’t appear on the album—one of which is this EP closer, “Tourist Trap”.

MP3: Bright Eyes: “Tourist Trap”
[from the Four Winds EP; due 03/06/07 on Saddle Creek]
More on Casadega (from Rolling Stone)

Cassadaga doesn’t come out until April 9th, but a collection of songs recorded by Conor and his bandmates Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott (Oberst has named these long-time collaborators as official members of band, making it a trio rather than a solo act) will be released March 6th as the Four Winds EP. ‚”Four Winds” ‚Äî a confident country romp that is fundamentally cool because of its reference to Joan Didion’s ‚”Slouching Towards Bethlehem” ‚Äî appears on both the EP and the album. The other five tracks on the EP (full track list after the jump) are B-sides and both sonically and lyrically serve as a sort of bridge between last year’s records, and what you’ll hear on Cassadaga. ‚”Reinvent the Wheel,” for example makes great use of the full orchestra Bright Eyes managed to wrangle for this album (they recorded at Capitol Studios in Hollywood,) and ‚”Smoke Without Fire” features M. Ward’s distinctive lulling baritone.

Fox News' Cutting Edge Coverage of the State of the Union

Brian Wilson
From American Prospect

FOX News’s Brian Wilson just informed us that the major color tonight among the lady’s outfits this SOTU is purple (“I’m seeing a lot of purple”). He then stated that Nancy Pelosi will be wearing a “sea foam green” outfit. Brit Hume then chimed in to say that Pelosi had intended to wear a different jacket (he asked her about this earlier today), but then spilled chocolate on it, hence the sea-foam green jacket. No news on the fellas’ outfits.

Clap Your Hands Say Girls Rock

Homeboys Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are throwing their hype behind an awesome cause: The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. The Camp, which will hold its third session this summer, teaches girls aged 8-18 not only how to play rock music, but how to make zines, promote themselves, and kick ass. It’s an all-volunteer outfit, and proceeds from the benefit go towards scholarships and equipment.
The benefit features not only the Clappers, but also Tamar-kali, Kimya Dawson, and kid wonders Tiny Masters of Today. If that’s not enough, there’s a pre-show auction, where you can bid on great stuff like a private party at Brooklyn Brewery, an electric guitar and guitar lessons, swanky gear from Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui, and all manner of items autographed by celebrities. Murray Hill hosts the whole shebang.
Great bands, the chance to win fancy swag, and a good cause: not bad for fifty bucks.
More information can be found here. Tickets can be found here.
-Cortney Harding

The LCD Soundsystem Challenge: Make Silver Gold

Sound of Silver due March 20
Sounds like a good plan to us: [via Pitchfork]

According to the LCD deacon [James Murphy], the soundtrack to the Beyonce-boasting, Golden Globe-winning musical Dreamgirls moved 60064 units last week and held on to the number one Billboard spot….
“straight up, if everyone who bought the first record bought s.o.s. the week it’s released, then we’re totally #1…. Taking Sound of Silver to #1 has its perks. As Murphy mused elsewhere, “i don’t want to ‘get’ people to buy the record (it always bugs me when i feel like a salesman) but if we could figure out a way to have the people who’d buy it anyway because they want it to do it ALL AT ONCE, then i could go to radio stations and say ‘can you please play north american scum, because it’s on a top 40 record’ and see what they say.
“i mean, no ‘modern rock’ station in the US is going to play a song like that, but at least i want them to say to my face ‘no–because it’s retarded’ rather than what i usually hear, which is ‘duuuuude! i LOOOOOOVE your band, man! daft punk is losing it’s edge is my FAVORITE SONG!! but i just can’t, because my hands are tied here to only play hinder and evanescence’ etc. etc.”


um…. just check it out, and be sure to listen to his tunes and watch his YouTube video. Hat Tip Lindsayism.

Bowie's Serenades Ricky Gervais On Extras

This is hilarious:

Black Sheep Trailer

This looks much more hilarious than the retarded Spade/Farley movie.

Of Montreal B-Side and Cold War Kids

With their new record, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?, due to be released in February, Of Montreal is hitting the road to begin touring. If you’ve never seen them perform, we highly recommend checking them out:
03-09 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
03-10 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
Here’s a hilarious B-side to their first single:
MP3: Of Montreal: Little Rock [from the She’s a Rejecter single]
[Hat Tip Pitchfork]
Other Unrelated Downloads:
Good Weather for Airstrikes has 4 tracks from new “it” band Cold War Kids here. And don’t miss this free Cold War Kids live EP available over at Brooklyn Vegan. [Hat tip Cortney]
Finally…. our favorite source for old school hip hop,, has four very fun tracks from a funky electronic band we’d never heard of before, Thes One.