The Worst Album Covers Of 2006

Pitchfork has a funny list here. We’re glad that they called attention to Mew’s horrible cover. Love the record, but the art design makes us feel a little nauseous.

New Ad: Would Jesus Shop At Wal-Mart

here’s the story behind the ad. Via Huffpost
The ad forgets to mention Wal-Mart’s sale of the ‘Convert or Die’ Left Behind video game. Luckily, DefCon has this covered.

Pitchfork's Top 25 Music Videos of 2006

Get ’em while they’re hot.

One Punk Under God

Jay Bakker—the son of Jim and Tammy—is the star of a new documentary series that will be premiering tonight on Sundance. One Punk Under God is riveting and definitely must-see TV. Plus, Jay is a great guy with a very progressive ministry. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him, now that he lives in Brooklyn and holds a weekly service in one of our favorite watering holes, Pete’s Candy Store. If we believed in God, we’d be calling upon Jay to do our petitioning. The series will run through January on Wednesdays at 9 pm and its produced by the same people who brought you The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Also, you can download the first episode for free on iTunes.

People Living In Original Tatooine Set


As I peered inside one of the impeccably built constructions, I noticed a mattress and a small teapot on the sand floor. In a mere moment, the “owner” of the house was there: an elder Arab man dressed in a typical desert fashion.
Surprisingly, his French was perfect and he explained to me that since he had neither family nor money, he came to live in the movie set. He looks after the place, the real roof of the fake house protects him from the sandstorms, and if a tourist throws him a small coin every once in a while, he can buy some more tea and some food. And he is hardly the only one living in the Lucas-built wonderland in the middle of the Sahara. READ IT ALL

Soy & Tofu: Turning America's Children Into Homosexuals

Evangelical Right has the story

DoCopenhagen's Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006

Like his 2005 list, DoCopenhagen’s Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006 is endlessly entertaining.
But as Kevin points out, they left out two of our favorites:
Miho Hatori’s “Barracuda”

Alice Donut’s “Madonna’s Bombing Sarajevo”

Trapped in the CLAUSet

This is funny. [Thanks Pete]

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