To Do: Crispin Glover Premiere, Califone, Bar/None, And The House Show

The king of bizarre, Crispin Glover, presents his new film “What Is It?”
WHEN: At 7, also Saturday and Sunday at 7,
WHERE: Anthology Film Archives , 32 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003
PRICE: $18

From the Anthology website: Crispin Hellion Glover presents his feature film entitled WHAT IS IT? Mr. Glover has been working on WHAT IS IT? for many years and is now proud to present it in a fine 35mm print. Most of the actors in the film have Down’s Syndrome, but the film is not about Down’s Syndrome. Mr. Glover explains: “Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are snails, salt, a pipe, and how to get home, as tormented by a hubristic racist inner psyche.” Each evening will begin with Crispin Hellion Glover’s BIG SLIDE SHOW, an hour-long live dramatic narration of eight stories taken from Victorian-era books, with slides of the books themselves as illustrated by Mr. Glover. He has been performing this show for thirteen years but this is the debut performance in New York City. Following the slide show the film will be presented, after which Mr. Glover will be available for a Q&A and a book signing. No one under eighteen years of age will be allowed to attend the screenings. MORE INFO HERE

Plus, Califone is playing Southpaw
House Show
WHERE: Secret Project Robot / Monster Island
210 Kent Ave, (corner of Metropolitan), Williamsburg
WHEN: 7-10pm
PRICE: Free and byob

FROM MYOPENBAR: A large-scale (we presume) art show near the East River in a Williamsburg loft. At The House Show, the audience is encouraged to make themselves feel “at home:” “All aspects of the ‘house’ are artist-made and you, as the resident are free to discover what lays hidden under the bed, or what’s in the medicine cabinet.” Let’s hope she’s got some unbleached tampons au naturel up in there — cause I’m on the rag, bitch, and the white ones cause cancer!


FROM PAPER: Indie label Bar/None has turned 20. It‚Äöll be celebrating in style with friends both new and old, including Freedy Johnston, Mosquitos, and They Might Be Giants, the original (and certainly best) nerd rock band. Bar/None may not be old enough, but buy it a pint anyway: Any indie label that survives this long deserves a drink.
Supreme Trading, 213 N. 8th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718) 599-4224. 6 p.m. $10.

Bill Maher outs GOP party chair Ken Mehlman

The Loathsome Right Wingers At Little Green Footballs Are Losing Their Shit

From Little Green Footballs Via Jesus General

#5 mbpaul 11/7/2006 09:25PM PST

I quite. I not going to vote again. It’s time I gave up on this political bullshit. I just hope the nuke attack comes soon. Let it be on the East Coast where it belongs.

#11 Tairos 11/7/2006 09:27PM PST
I think this demostrates pretty clearly that voting should be a privilege, NOT a right.

#28 Adrenalyn 11/7/2006 09:33PM PST
can I be the first to say it on LGF?

Impeach Bush and Cheney

throw them out and hope Hastert has the balls to fight back

#69 Bill Amos 11/7/2006 09:42PM PST
Even if the senate goes democratic thank god Lieberman is there to switch and protect us from extremists !

#82 mbpaul 11/7/2006 09:45PM PST
Maybe a divided government is not a bad thing. They can’t do anything to screw us up anymore than we already are. We just need to weather the nuclear attack when it happens and we will be okay. Let the military take over. I advocate a military coup.

#88 semadar 11/7/2006 09:46PM PST
OMG, my southern neighbors, why are the Dems winning, get ready for happy terrorist parades.

#272 Greg 11/7/2006 10:43PM PST

Bush is losing precisely because he has took the high road after 9/11 instead of Zyclon B-ing most of the muslim world after attacking our shores as they have been doing to our shipping since 1800.

This is a world war and not a tea party for the Yale/Harvard clique…

Islam must have a boot smashing into its face forever until it becomes a grown up religion not bent on murdering everyone on the planet…

Bush cannot comprehend this or the Donks even less…they do not have the intestinal fortitude for it…

Go Vote!

And It Begins….

Election Fraud Suspected In Utah… Four Times The Population Registered To Vote…
From CNN

Voting appears to be very popular in Daggett County, Utah. Daggett County has registered 947 voters for Tuesday’s election. According to the most recent Census figures, that’s four more than the county’s population in 2005.
A spokesman for Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says complaints of vote-stuffing in the county are being investigated. Democrats suspect County Clerk Vickie McKee is letting outsiders swell the Daggett County registration rolls to give Republicans an advantage. The Democrats also say the father of a Republican deputy running for sheriff has 14 adults registered at his household. McKee hasn’t responded to messages from The Associated Press.

Just In
: Voting Machines Woes Cause Early Delays

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines: Rumsfeld Must Go

It’s unanimous. Read the story here.

The November 2006 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
As the Oscar race heats up, I have to admit that I’m more interested in Borat and Bond (though one of those might actually be a contender).
Tim Allen vs. Martin Short. Whoever wins, we lose.
Well, only as much as The Santa Clause 2 or The Wild. Same writers. The director is a holdover from Clause 2 as well. Normally, I’d be pretty psyched for a film that starred Kevin Pollack as Cupid, but somehow that isn’t happening here.
Flushed Away will be an issue, but there’s a lot of Tim Allen love out there. $72mil.
No. But if this movie were coming out in March for some reason, you can bet Allen and Short would present.
Sacha Baron Cohen pisses off an entire country.
Critics say that this may be the best (and most offensive) comedy of the year. Larry Charles directs, which is a master stroke given the vein of comedy being mined here.

[Read more…]

The Campaign To Defend the Constitution: Live Chat With A Sinner

Our favorite political action group, The Campaign To Defend the Constitution (DefCon), has been kind enough to invite Robert Lanham to participate in a “live chat” today, Thursday November 2 at 2pm.
You can sign up and listen here.
If you’re not familiar with DefCon, you should be. The organization has much in common People for the American Way, only with a special emphasis on keeping the Evangelical Right in check. Rapture-Ready Fundamentalists take note: both aforementioned organizations are run by secular humanists propagating the agenda of the Beast.
Lanham will be discussing his new book, The Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right, theocracy, the Rapture, megachurches, the evangelical Vatican and, if there’s time, the health benefits of semi-solid fermented milk products.
About DefCon:

The Campaign To Defend the Constitution is an online grassroots movement combating the growing power of the religious right. We will fight to uphold the First Amendment’s guarantee of separation of church and state and will oppose efforts to control and distort religion, education, science and culture in ways that ultimately threaten the health and well-being of American society.

Here’s what DefCon had to say about our book: “This book is hilarious… [Lanham] didn’t skimp on his research. The book provides a telling overview of the religious right’s leadership, the beliefs they espouse, and just how incredibly absurd and hypocritical they are.”
You can pick up a copy of The Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right here