Resign? Hastert Should Be Forcibly Removed

Bush yesterday on Dennis Hastert:

“The speaker’s strong statements have made it clear to not only . . . the party members, but to the country, that he wants to find out the facts…All of us want to find out the facts… Denny is very credible, as far as I’m concerned. He’s . . . done a fine job as speaker.”

Bush is obviously more concerned with protecting his GOP buddies than upholding the integrity of Congress. The best the GOP can do to defend him these days is say at least he “didn’t kill anybody.”
As Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, stated on ABC’s “This Week:”
If a high school principal had not disciplined a teacher acting improperly with a student the community would demand the principal’s ouster.

Cat Power May Appear In Chanel Campaign

From [Thanks Carlos]

Cat Power has been linked to a fashion collaboration after Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld expressed his admiration for her.
The singer, real name Chan Marshall, attended the launch of ‘Les Musiques Que J’Aime’ in Paris, a new CD compiled by Lagerfeld.
“I saw her in New York in front of the Mercer Hotel and she was smoking and I said, ‘Only a woman – she – can look glamourous while smoking,” Largerfeld told Fashionweekdaily of how the pair met.
In response, Marshall confirmed the story, telling Women’s Wear Daily: “I was outside waiting, sitting on a pile of Louis Vuitton luggage, drinking water, with an apple and a cigarette in my hand, my cell phone, oh, and two guitars and out comes Karl. He walks up, looks at me and says, ‘Only a woman can look glamourous when smoking.’ And I lowered my glasses and pointed to (the bags under my) eyes and said, ‘With these’?
Following Cat Power’s appearence at the CD launch, the fashion industry is now suggesting she may appear soon in Chanel’s campaign, possibly involving one of the label’s jewellery collections.
Meanwhile, Cat Power returns to the UK on November 1 to play the Roundhouse in London.

Speaking of Cat Power, RBALLY has two of her live shows available for download.
Cat Power at Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA (May 14, 1999)
Cat Power at Chez La Cigale Paris (Nov 2005)
Cat Power – A Nacht-Mix Lounge Concert (Nov 1998)

Jon Stewart Exposes 'Liberal Conspiracy' Behind Foleygate

Jon Stewart was at his best last night, exposing the lack of ANY evidence behind the Democrat’s alleged “October Surprise.” Our favorite quote from the segment:

Wolf Blitzer: “Do you have any evidence at all that the Democrats or others might have been behind the timing of this scandal? Yes or No?”
Random GOP Bobblehead: “Do you have any evidence that they weren’t involved?”

There's Hope


Muppet Manah Manah and DJNoNo's "Muppetry of the Penis" mashup mix

Since Google just acquired YouTube, we figured we’d post an example of the type of random, copyrighted time-wasters we’ll soon be missing. [hat tip Brooklyn Vegan]
On another note, Radio Clash is hosting DJNoNo’s “Muppetry of the Penis” mashup mix. Here’s the first ESSENTIAL track:
Download: Kayne Mahna

PT Restaurant

image from City Search
There’s a new restaurant in the ‘hood: PT Restaurant. Anyone been? Let us know what you think.

Califone: Roots and Crowns

From Roots and Crowns: “Spider’s House”
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Califone is one the most underated bands in indie rock. Their latest release, Roots and Crowns is—no surprise here—a fabulous record. Pitchfork has a great review of it here. They call it “one of the most quintessentially American records imaginable.”
Download: Califone: The Orchids [MP3]
Buy Roots and Crowns

To Do: Ratatat, Oyster Festival, DFA, and The Naked Heroes

Free Bud and The Naked Heroes at Matchless, On Saturday
On Friday
• Ratatat at the Guggenheim

when: Fri 10.6 (9pm-1am)
where: Guggenheim Museum (1071 5th Ave, 212.423.3500)
price: $20

From Flavorpill: Brooklyn duo Ratatat garnered well-deserved hype for their eponymous debut album, but no one was sure how they would top those soaring tracks. People started to get downright nervous when word trickled out that their sophomore LP would be titled Classics and would feature (shudder) guitars. Fortunately, the boys hitched up their pants ‚Äî and added a keyboardist to their guitar/drums arsenal — and turned the dial to “epic”: expect a hazy mirage of unabashedly dizzying, layered tunes to fill the Guggenheim’s rotunda. Pink Skull’s Julian S. Process kicks things off, manipulating electro-psych cuts for fans of “drugs and disco.”

On Saturday:
DUMBO’s Guiness Oyster Music Festival
Oysters, Music, And Guiness! What more could you ask for. More info here.
Free Budweiser and music at Matchless, featuring The Naked Heroes. Starts at 8pm, no cover. More info here.
DFA presents James Murphy w/ the Juan Maclean, Tim Sweeney, and Marcus Lambkin
Studio B (259 Banker St, Bklyn, 718.389.1880)
$8 / $5 advance
DFA presents James Murphy w/ the Juan Maclean, Tim Sweeney, and Marcus Lambkin to celebrate the release of their upcoming record. More info here.
On Sunday:
• Go see Jesus Camp. It rules.
• Hang out with Wiccans, Food Court Druids, and Harry Potter fanatics at Medieval Festival:
Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Fort Tyron Park (directions)
Cost: Free

From FREE NYC: Summary: Celebrate your love for wizards, dragons, and fair maidens as Fort Tryon Park is transformed into a medieval market town decorated with bright banners and processional flags. “Visitors are greeted by authentic medieval music, dance, magic, and minstrelry, as well as jugglers and jesters. The afternoon concludes with a thrilling joust between four knights on horseback. Costumed vendors will be on hand to demonstrate and sell a wide variety of medieval crafts as well as food and drink.” MORE INFO HERE