Billyburg Short Film Festival

This promises to be a great festival (if it doesn’t rain). Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, June 24th at McCarren Park Pool (Lorimer Street between Driggs and Bayaard in Williamsburg). Only $10.00 at the door for all the below:
Line Up:
6:30pm Doors Open – come explore the installations and booths from local community artists including Open Ground, 3rd Ward, Antimart, Peripheral Media, Interrupcion, Indamine Ochre Architecture, Harry Rosenblum, Action Direction, Fnerd, Jennifer Jaser, Brooklyn Parents for Peace with the international DJ James Friedman spinning!
7:30pm Japanther – they are unbelievable band and we’re psyched to have them!
8:30pm Michael Showalter (from the State, Wet Hot American Summer, and most recently the troupe called Stella) will share some of his sketch comedy videos.
Sundown – Short films from Brooklyn International, Coney Island, and our very own Billyburg Short Film Festival
After party at Supreme Trading (North 8th between Roebling and Driggs) with Complacent Nation.


Mojito Loco

We discovered a great new Latin Fusion restaurant this week just off the Graham Avenue stop of the L. It’s a tad hard to get to, but the delicious cerviche, the pulled pork, and the quesadillas make it worth the walk. The quinoa & beans side is exquisite. Plus, they have buy 1 get 1 free drink specials until 8pm. If you’re too lazy to walk to Meserole, Mojito Loco offers free delivery until 11pm as well. Find out more here.

The Wacky Packages of Christian T-Shirts

The just-opened Second Coming clothing has a hilarious new line of Christian T-Shirts. Our brother site has more.

Pitchfork's 100 Awesome Music Videos

David Lee Roth: “Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody”
Most of our readers undoubtedly already read Pitchfork, so maybe this post is unneccessary, but their 100 Awesome Music Videos feature rules. Check it out here.

Music Reviews: Metalux & John Wiese and The Lovekill

Metalux & John Wiese – “Exoteric”
Femme-tronic duo Metalux and prolific noisemeister John Wiese have a new collaborative full-length of murky malaise out now on – yep, Load Records. Recorded in Wiese’s California apartment, “Exoteric” oozes unnerving electronic noise environments that feature disembodied voices and damaged rhythmic upchuck over crunchy PowerBook cacophony.
The sounds the threesome summons are not overly harsh or extreme but are tailored to titillate. Wiese’s digital abstractions are in a constant state of flux so no sound ever grows stale. Metalux’s vocal performance is occasionally provided via analog tape, which gets manipulated and spliced to frightful effect.
Metalux & John Wiese create tasty sound soup that goes down easy but may induce nightmares if taken too close to bedtime.
The Lovekill – “These Moments are Momentum”
Helloooo Cleveland! The Lovekill are a new power chord foursome from Rock and Roll town USA with amps that go to eleven. Their debut full-length reveals a group keen on mixing Midwest blues rock and East Coast emo-thrash — a smart, if just a touch tired, combination likely to make them a hot item on their leg of the Warped Tour this summer.
The band wastes no time getting to the meat of their melodies and the whole affair seems to gain steam as it goes. Chris Rager’s gruff vocals compliment the group’s wall of riffage and the rhythm section keeps everything tight, tight, tight. Don’t be shocked if the songs on “These Moments are Momentum” sound a tad familiar, but don’t be surprised if you end up singing along to them in the end.
John Rickman

Pentagon Lists Homosexuality As A Mental Disorder

Our brother site,, has the story.

Hitler Cats

There’s a hilarious new site dedicated to cats that look like Hitler. Check it out here. [Thanks Kevin K.]

At Least It's Almost Tuesday

We know, we know… coming back to work on Monday sucks. At least tomorrow will be a great day for music:
Son Volt will be playing a free show at the World Financial Center at 7pm tomorrow. More here. And the Beirut will be at Northsix ($10).