The Goth Eucharist

Evidently there is a Goth Eucharist at a church in Cambridge. We didn’t even know there was such thing as a Cambridge Goth, much less a church.

The candlelit Goth Eucharist services feature a specially written liturgy and music from bands like Depeche Mode, Joy Division and the Sisters of Mercy.
Rev Ramshaw said: “As Goths there is a broad sense of an outlook of life that focuses on the bad things.
“The point of the service is that we all get desperate at times. We all get knocks and sometimes life seems hopeless.

"It's my belief that we should get out now"

Those are the words of Walter Cronkite, not Cindy Sheehan. Of course, now we want to ask Bill O’Reilly, is Cronkite being “run by far-left elements” who are using him. And is he “dumb enough to allow it to happen.” After all, those were the accusations he tossed at Sheehan.
What mud can Bill sling at Cronkite, he’s probably wondering. How about trashing Cronkite’s credibility? Probably not a good idea Bill, since you started out on “Inside Edition.” How about saying his statement will dangerously undercut troop morale? Eh — not so great either since you’re already using that line of reasoning on Murtha. You could call him crazy. Nah — you’re already using that one on Gore, Clinton, Kennedy, Dean, and Moore.
How’s this one, Bill, just says he’s old. Yeah, that’ll work.

This Weekend: The Juan McLean at Supreme Trading

Saturday Night, Jan 14:
at Supreme Trading: 213 N 8th Street, Williamsburg
Room 1
The Juan Mclean (Live Performance, DFA Records)
Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Sounds, Ghostly
Spinoza (The Bunker, NYC)
Eamon Harkin (EA, Crashin’In)
Ayres (The Rub, NYC)
Low Budget (Hollertronix, Philly)
Sure Shot (NYC)
Oil (Kanine Records, Crashin’In)
Open PBR from 9p-11p

Cat Power at Town Hall Feb 14

This should be a great show, coinciding with the release of her record The Greatest on January 24. Chan will be playing with The Memphis Rhythm Band for this show. Download the title track here. And tickets are available here.

[From the Matador site] For ‘The Greatest’ (not a greatest hits, but the brand-new studio album), Marshall returned to Memphis, pursuing this time the slinky Hi Records sound of the 70s, famed for its sensuous feel and beguiling rhythms. She got Al Green’s guitarist and songwriting partner Mabon “Teenie” Hodges to play guitar on the whole album (Teenie co-wrote “Love and Happiness” and “Take Me to the River,” among other soul classics). With Teenie came his Hi Rhythm bandmate (and brother) Leroy “Flick” Hodges, who plays on half of the album (Memphis A-team bassist Dave Smith supplements). Anchoring the band is Steve Potts, whose reputation on drums was solidified when the surviving members of Booker T. and the MG’s asked him to replace their late drummer, Al Jackson. Other top Memphis musicians guest on keyboards, horns and strings.

Moron of the Week Award

The winner is hooker-lovin‘ Dick Morris. He claims America is shifting to the Left politically because of the successes of Bush.

A big part of the reason [that America is shifting to the Left] is the success the Bush administration has had in solving and hence diminishing the importance of the Republican agenda. Taxes have been cut, we have not had a terror attack since Sept. 11 and trial lawyers are on the defensive. The issues that remain — energy, environment, healthcare and Social Security — usually are Democratic and liberal.

Read the article here.

New Of Montreal video

The new video from Of Montreal’s “Requiem for O.M.M. 2” from The Sunlandic Twins is available. Check it out. We LOVE this underated record. It was our number two of 2005.

"Impeachment a possibility"

If this were only true….
Read the story here.

Can Everyone Say "Brownie"

Captain Cronyism, George Bush, has once again nominated a well-connected buddy—who like Brownie is totally unqualified—to head an important federal agency. This time, her name is Julie L. Myers and she’s the new head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), an agency with an annual budget of $4 billion and 20,000 employees. The Agency is responsible for, as pointed out by the Washington Post, “preventing terrorists and weapons from entering the country.” To make matters worse, Bush intentionally made this appointment (and several others) while Congress was in recess, “circumventing the need for approval by the Senate.” Myers has been attacked by Republicans and Democrats as being unqualified. As reported by The National Review in September:

“Given the importance of the position and a history of mismanagement in the immigration service, Congress took the unusual step of inserting a statutory requirement that nominees have a minimum of five years of experience in both management and law enforcement….Her most relevant previous experience was managing only 170 employees and a $25 million budget while at the Commerce department.”

Nevertheless, Myers is the niece of former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Richard B. Myers and is married to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s chief of staff. You know, she’s a crony. Bush’s audacity never ceases to amaze us. Read the Wash Post article here.