Free M. Ward Show Tonight

M. Ward
Thur 7.21 (7pm) at Castle Clinton (Battery Park)

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M. Ward interlaces folk, rock, and the blues with a raspy whisper evoking Holiday, Young, and Waits. His latest, Transistor Radio, summons a time when Americans sought inspiration and solace in the airwaves.

Note: Tickets can be picked up at Castle Clinton on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning at 5pm on the day of the show.

Farewell Scotty

James Doohan dies at 85.
Read the obit here.

Bush Uses Religious Code Term to Announce Nominee

Bush strolls through the flowered streets of Heaven with Roberts
“When a president chooses a justice, he’s placing in human hands the authority and majesty of the law.”
This was the second sentence out of Bush’s mouth last night as he announced his decision to appoint Justice John Roberts. Who even uses a word like “majesty?” Christians, of course. “Majesty” is a key buzzword tossed around by Christians and it was obviously Bush’s acknowledgement to Evangelicals that Roberts was going to interpret the law the Jesusy way. In other words, gays deserve zero constitutional rights and Roe V Wade is toilet paper.
Here’s what Bush’s other architect, James Dobson, had to say:

“President Bush is to be commended for keeping his promise to the American people by selecting such an impartial, accomplished jurist to fill this crucial seat on the high court. Judge Roberts is an unquestionably qualified attorney and judge with impressive experience in government and the private sector. He has demonstrated at every stop on his career path the legal acumen, judicial temperament and personal integrity necessary to be a Supreme Court justice… We trust that, in light of these rock-solid credentials, the U.S. Senate will work together over the next several weeks to ensure Judge Roberts gets the up-or-down confirmation vote he is entitled to under the Constitution.”

Can’t you just smell the precum on Dobson’s gay-hating cock? He couldn’t be more excited about the selection. Pundits keep saying Roberts is a “wise” choice. Truth is, Bush wanted a staunch conservative with a limited paper trail. As always, the evangelicals are Bush’s true architects. (Another article on Bush’s “wonder-working” use of religious code terms can be found here.)

Well I've never been to N'Awlins, but I've read Rob Walker's Memoir

Rob Walker knows New Orleans. His travelogue and memoir, Letters From New Orleanss, breathes life into this history-rich city, transporting readers to the dive bars, gospel churches, and back alleys you won’t find in Fodor’s or The Lonely Planet. Walker, who pens the New York Times Magazine column “Consumed”, lived in New Orleans from 2000 to 2003. His book is the culmination of his impressions of the city collected from journal entries and letters to friends. Walker’s first person vignettes are marvelously crafted and richly conceived. But its Walker’s humor that makes Letters From New Orleans truly unique. Musing on topics ranging from celebratory gunfire, to the St. James Infirmary, to used car dealers, Walker will leave you in stitches. We strongly recommend this enlightening, eccentric, and most importantly highly entertaining book. It has temporarily changed our opinion about memoirs. Pick up a copy here.

Whole Foods Grill Man puts Soup Nazi to shame

Cakehead has a great entry on free food samples in New York. She shares our fear of the fish griller who hands out samples at the Whole Foods in Union Square:

You can always count on the fish griller to be lining up plastic ramekins filled with swordfish or wild salmon. But we warned. If you take seconds, he will hate you. Really, with him you can do no right. If you ask what he’s cooking he’ll grumble the answer. If you cower in fear, afraid to ask what you’re eating he will say accusingly, “Don’t you want to know what you’re eating?”

Other free sample suggestions include the free wine at Astor Wines and Spirits everyday from 5-8. Read the whole article here.

Nominees for the 2005 Mercury Prize Announced

We’re happy to see MIA, Bloc Party, and Antony and the Johnsons made the list. Who the hell is K T Tunstall?
Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (5/1)
Hard-Fi – Stars Of CCTV (9/1)
Kaiser Chiefs – Employment (4/1)
MIA – Arular (10/1)
The Magic Numbers – The Magic Numbers (7/1)
Coldplay – X&Y (8/1)
The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightning Strike (12/1)
Antony And The Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now (12/1)
KT Tunstall – Eye To The Telescope (6/1)
Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger (10/1)
Seth Lakeman – Kitty Jay (14/1)
Polar Bear – Held On The Tips Of Fingers (12/1)
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MySpace bought by Mr. Burns – time to switch back to Friendster

Murdoch buys MySpace for 580 mil

From NY Times
News Corporation Buys an Internet Company
Asked if spending $580 million to buy an Internet company whose chief asset was created only two years ago gave him pause, Rupert Murdoch said: “You bet.”
But after announcing the transaction yesterday, Mr. Murdoch, the chief executive of the News Corporation, said he was won over after meeting the entrepreneurs who run the company, Intermix Media, and studying the surging popularity with young consumers of its prime asset, is a social networking site that has grown to more than 16 million monthly users, and features the equivalent of home pages created by 200,000 music groups, big and small. Its users spend hours exploring areas devoted to personal classifieds, music, blogs, video games and chat rooms.

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Sale of Unocal a huge threat to national security

The fact that Bush Inc and Congress are going to sit back and allow China [who recently threatened us with nuclear attack] to purchase Unocal boggles the mind. This is an administration that talks out one side of its mouth about national security while catering to business interests with the other. Allowing the purchase of Unocal is as dangerous as selling arms to China. China, on the other hand, has the wisdom to prohibit foreign ownership of Chinese companies. Nevertheless, they are publicly endorsing the value of free trade as a bargaining tool. This article from Daily News by Congresswoman Kilpatrick (D-Mich.)encapsulates the lunacy of the Unocal deal.

China’s third-largest oil producer has made an $18.5 billion bid for Unocal, America’s ninth-largest oil company. The move by China’s state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp., or CNOOC, marks the Communist nation’s most ambitious attempt yet to acquire a Western company, setting the stage for potential national security issues.
Do we really want to assist China in meeting its energy needs, allowing it to compete against our interests? I say no. That’s why I attached an amendment to a spending bill prohibiting the Treasury Department from approving CNOOC’s takeover bid. The House approved the measure 333-92, sending a message to the White House and Treasury Secretary John Snow to take a serious look at China’s interest in purchasing critical U.S. assets important to America’s energy security, as well as its national and economic security.
When the Defense Department released a 2001 review following the 9/11 attacks, it highlighted the rise of a “military competitor” in Asia with a vast “resource base.”
The Pentagon was referring to China.
China is ascending as an economic power as well as a geopolitical military force, and its economic transition within the past 20 years is to be admired. The country’s aggregate Gross National Product has grown by approximately 10% each year since the 1970s, compared with U.S. annual growth of 3.5%. But the prospect of China’s economy surging ahead of the U.S. by 2050 is startling. The U.S. economy is approximately twice that of China, $11 trillion versus $6 trillion-plus. U.S. per capita income is nearly eight times higher than China’s.
To fuel China’s economic growth, it must demand more of the world’s energy resources. It is this demand that has forced oil prices to soar. To supply its energy needs, China is acquiring oil fields in Kazakhstan and securing strategic energy supplies from Iran and Sudan. CNOOC has invested $699 million for the purchase of a liquefied natural gas field in Australia, $592 million for oil assets in Indonesia and is now seeking to acquire Unocal. China’s rise must not be fueled at the cost of America’s security.