Snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro melts, but Greenhouse Effect is still communist conspiracy mumbo jumbo

The snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro has melted away to reveal the tip of the African peak for the first time in 11,000 years.
The glaciers and snow which kept the summit white have almost completely disappeared.
Although scientists had predicted the melt would happen, it is 15 years sooner than they had predicted.
The white peak of the 19,340ft mountain has long formed a stunning part of Tanzanian landscape, not least because it is only 200 miles south of the equator.
The photograph is part of the NorthSouthEastWest exhibition by The Climate Group, a book of which will be presented to ministers at the G8 energy and environment summit in London.

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While we're at it, why not give out stupidity vouchers too?

From Duluth News Tribune:
EPA plan to cut mercury due out today
ENVIRONMENT: The EPA rules are expected to allow power companies to trade pollution “credits” to meet a national goal of cutting emissions in half by 2010.
The U.S. government today is expected to announce its first plan to cut toxic mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants.
The new rules are either the first step toward less mercury contamination in fish and people or a major mistake that benefits the nation’s coal industry. It all depends on whom you talk to.
The electric utility industry and Bush administration officials in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are touting the regulations as a realistic way to reduce the mercury produced when coal is burned — the largest source of human-caused mercury in the United States.

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"I won't run"

Condi finally issued a definitive answer to the question of whether or not she will run for president in 2008, telling Tim Russert that it’s not going to happen. She also said she is in favor of keeping Roe v Wade in place. Now we actually WANT her to run…. the evangelicals would stay at home if the Republicans nominated a pro-choice candidate. It would have been interesting to see an election where the abortion issue was not part of the debate.
Disturbing article of the day:
From the UK Times Online:
Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant
Uzi Mahnaimi

ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans for a combined air and ground attack on targets in Iran if diplomacy fails to halt the Iranian nuclear programme.

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After Hours in Williamsburg

In celebration of the Armory Show in Manhattan, most Williamsburg galleries will be open until 11pm on Saturday, March 12:

From Flavorpill
No, not that kind of after-hours. Inspired by the 1,000-watt Armory Show across the river in Manhattan, tonight’s Brooklyn soiree is really a trans-gallery celebration of artists, filtered through the unique sensibility that is Williamsburg. Think of it as a lively promenade through the hip precincts of a robust, artistic community. With over two dozen galleries expected to contribute diverse performances and special events – including a live band at Pierogi, the always idiosyncratic offerings of the Dollhaus, and an Open Ground bash featuring DJ Damone and a talented roster of artists from Berlin – After-Hours provides an eclectic stroll through an epicenter of art that’s no longer merely emerging. (DI)
Note: Spike Hill Bar and Grill (184 Bedford Ave, 718.218.9737) houses an information center. Also, various afterparties abound – consult your favorite gallery for information.

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Pat Roberts – The Official Douchebag of the Month

Pat Roberts, douchebag of the month
The month of March has only just begun, but we already have a winner. In just 24 hours, Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts has:
1. Voiced his intent to shut down its investigation into whether top administration officials distorted intelligence evidence to build the case for war on Iraq. (He heads the investigating committee)
2. Declared emphatically that there is no need to investigate the CIA’s rendition program. You know, the government endorsed program where we send prisoners oversees to be beaten and threatened with ass rape by German Shephards.
Here’s Pat’s number. Give him a call. He’d love to hear from you:
See the respective articles below.

No Need for CIA Abuse Probe, Republican Says
The Senate intelligence chairman dismisses calls to examine the agency’s handling of detainees. But Democrats are seeking a vote on issue.
WASHINGTON — Declaring that the CIA is “not torturing detainees,” the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Thursday that he saw no reason for the panel to investigate allegations that the agency abused prisoners or transferred them to countries that engage in torture.
But Democrats moved to force a vote within the committee next week on whether to launch a formal inquiry on the CIA’s role in the prison abuse scandal.

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ABC cowers to Murdoch

This Sunday, March 13th, ABC will air an episode of David E. Kelley’s top rated drama, “Boston Legal,” that features “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.” The real story here is that the show never mentions Fox News!
The gist of the story is that Chi McBride, the principal from Kelley’s previous hit show “Boston Public,” uses the “Fox Blocker,” a device sold on the Internet, to prevent Fox News Channel from being shown on all the televisions at his school. He claims it promotes hate speech and makes it harder to run the school. The episode revolves around free speech issues and uses actual footage from “Outfoxed” in several scenes.

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Iron and Wine – Woman King

(Subpop Records)
Review by Monte Holman

Typically the word prolific translates to mostly crap. Crap lacking staying power. Being prolific is evidence of a wonderfully active imagination, sure, but it also improves the chance that the material will be derivative of itself and boring. Lucky for us, despite Sam Beam’s creative fecundity, Iron and Wine has yet to produce an insignificant record.
Hailing from Miami, Florida, Beam is an uncharacteristic product of the beach city’s Big Willie style. Somehow the song of the south leaked out of Alabama, through the Redneck Riviera of western Florida, and down the east coast. Who knew the community that brought us hot Latin nights filled with shiny shirted cokeheads could also house folks sporting beards, eating boiled peanuts, and sipping cans of Dixie?
Woman King, Beam’s fourth record (two LPs, two EPs) in two-and-a-half years, offers six beautiful tracks and once again soothes us with acoustic guitars, banjos, hushed falsettos and tender harmonies. In this EP, Beam continues to explore polished production. The album, trading four-track basement recording for the big time, was recorded at Engine Studios in Chicago by Brian Deck and includes more instrumentation than past records. Slightly off-key pianos, violins, percussion (including tasteful bongos, two words I never thought I’d see together).

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David Foster Footnote

I usually rely on The Atlantic Monthly (alongside any New Yorker issue featuring Sy Hersh) for most of my long-form news. This month, The Atlantic Monthly featured an article discussing political talk radio in America written by David Foster Wallace. One would think a respectable political rag like The Atlantic Monthly would have better judgment than to work with this poster child for pretension, but hey, the magazine biz is tough these days I guess. They gambled instead to capitalize on his gimmickry.
Evidently, in order to accommodate his “writing style,” the layout department at The Atlantic Monthly decided to place his footnotes in easy-to-read color-coded boxes. The end result is the King of Self-Indulgence’s pinnacle achievement. The only thing not pretentious about the article is its ironically succinct title: “Host.”
The 23 page article includes:

  • 109 footnotes
  • 23 footnoted footnotes
  • Final tally: 132 Footnotes
    (a staggering and heartburning number)
    Footnote contents include:
    1. A footnote about how bananas are good for ulcers.
    2. A footnoted “!?” to add emphasis.
    3. Over 15 tons of self-indulgent pseudo-academic English major sludge.
    4. Footnoted editorial corrections made by the author.
    5. A self-effacing footnote where Wallace questions his own interviewing skills.
    6. Dozens of footnoted descriptive phrases which could have easily been included in the body of the article. (example: begin footnote “who really is a gifted mimic” end footnote)
    I enjoy reading the well-written sausage party known as The Atlantic Monthly (this issue features ZERO women writers, again, in the main political sections). But for Christ’s sake, most of your readership has already graduated from college. We don’t want to read this Creative Writing 101 BS. Stick to journalism.