The Westminster Dog Show Party

In case you missed the sold out Westminster Dog Show live party at Tonic last night, we were there to provide you with highlights. The crowd was a strange mix of Upper East Side wankers and art school hipsters. The show commentators were appropriately crass and drunk. Nelly McKay (who performed briefly) was cute and very sweet. There was even a suspenseful 30 minutes where a broken projector interrupted the live broadcast. Luckily, the problem was fixed just in time to watch the show finale.
As per the results, we had all of our money on the Bloodhound, but were disappointed to see the 5-year-old German shorthaired pointer judged best in show.

the bitch who won

the food was disappointing

the lovely Nellie McKay

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Summer Teeth

A response to the Stylus reimagining of Summer Teeth:
Summer Teeth is Wilco’s magnum opus. Their most accomplished record. Their Exile on Main Street. The most perfect record a band could hope to produce. Though critics flock to their more recent, “experimental” releases, most overlook the complexity of this richly rewarding record. Summer Teeth’s best song, “Via Chicago,” is one of the most intricate tracks they’ve ever recorded. Critics overlook the sophistication of most of the tracks on Summer Teeth because they get lost in their surface level catchiness. Nevertheless, this is more of a “studio album” than the uneven Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and the self-indulgent A Ghost is Born. Just ask a Wilco fan, this is the record that they actually listen too. Don’t be fooled by the showy sonic bursts on their later records, Summer Teeth is the record Wilco will be remembered for. It’s that good. [Note to Stylus…. how could you cut “She’s a Jar?”]

The Unicorns Break Up!

From Pitchfork:
“OK, don’t hold us to this, but it looks like those rumors and innuendo about the Unicorns’ demise have not been greatly exaggerated. A history lesson, if you will: it all started with reports that the band’s December 21 show in Houston, Texas was their last. The early days of 2005 saw the seemingly straightforward message “THE UNICORNS ARE DEAD, (R.I.P.)” posted on the band’s official website, with the Latin postmortem sic transit gloria (“thus passes the glory”) appended thereon.
And that should’ve been that. But that is never that with the Unicorns– the inevitable Chinese whispers started wafting through the zeitgeist, claiming that the breakup was just another Andy Kaufmanesque prank along the lines of that wrestling thing the ‘Corns did last year. Mere days later, the web obituary was replaced with a cryptic call from “HALIBUT CORN HORN” to “GET READY TO DANCE,” among other nonsense. The band’s publicist stayed as vague and tight-lipped as a North Korean apparatchik– maybe he just wasn’t in on the joke.

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Superwolf – Super Record, Super NY Tour

In support of their great new record:
The Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy- Superwolf free instore tour of New York.
Saturday March 5th:
1PM: Sound Fix- 110 Bedford Avenue (Williamsburg)
3PM: Kim’s Mediapolis- 2906 Broadway
5PM: Built By Wendy- 7 Centre Market Pl
7PM: Mondo Kim’s- 6 St. Mark’s Place
9PM: Other Music- 15 E. 4th St.

Bright Eyes, Dumb Ass

From Dallas Morning News:
This is beyond messing with Texas
Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst, it seems, isn’t a fan of Texas. He startled a sold-out audience at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth by slurring, “I don’t know if you know this, but I hate your fucking state. I’d put a fucking gun to my head before I’d live in your state.” Must have been kidding. Nah. If you went to see him, you weren’t a “normal Texan,” he continued, because “if you were a normal Texan, you’d probably be roping steers and raping Indians.” Pretty strong stuff for a 24-year-old from Nebraska. Go shuck some corn.

Grizzly Bear at Glass House Gallery

Don’t miss the beautiful folk psychedelia of Grizzly Bear, playing in Williamsburg this Sunday. Local label Kanine Records strikes gold again with this great up-and-coming band.
Check out their site to listen to GB’s music.
From their site:
“During a long fifteen-month hibernation in his cozy Greenpoint, Brooklyn bedroom, Droste laid the groundwork for Grizzly Bear’s first album. Upon completion of this “demo,” Droste enlisted the help of a real bear, Christopher Bear, who breathed new life and sounds to the work. Hailing from Chicago, Bear has worked in various musical projects ranging from laptop shenanigans to free jazz. He has provided a vast technical knowledge, a certain sonic polishing, as well as additional instruments and vocals to the initially primitive recordings.
The result, Grizzly Bear’s debut album titled “Horn of Plenty.” is a nostalgic amalgamation of found sounds and layered vocals bound to thrill followers of Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens and Nick Drake.”
See Grizzly Bear Sunday 2-13 at 9pm
Glass House Gallery (38 S 1st St, Wburg, 718.387.4942)
$5 suggested donation

Robert Lanham and Sam Lipsyte

Thursday February 10th at 7 O’clock
at Spoonbill Books in Williamsburg

A star-studded gala event: Robert Lanham and Sam Lipsyte together on one stage at Spoonbill books in Williamsburg!
Robert Lanham, author of the bestselling and hilarious THE HIPSTER HANDBOOK, will start things off reading from and discussing his latest: FOOD COURT DRUIDS, CHEROHONKEES,and other creatures unique to the republic (Plume, 2004).
Sam Lipsyte, author of the classic short story collection VENUS DRIVE (Open City Books) and the criminally overlooked novel THE SUBJECT STEVE (Broadway Books), will be reading from his latest novel (and perhaps his magnum opus) HOMELAND. Written in the form of a high school alumni newsletter, HOMELAND manages to pretty much sum up the time we live in.
Spoonbill is located at 218 Bedford Avenue, between North 4th & 5th Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Phone 718-387-7322. Call for further info.
Take the L Train to Bedford Avenue, take a left on Bedford and walk 4 blocks. Store is on the left

The Kills

Volvo wants them, but The Kills aren’t interested. They’re more concerned about being confused with The Thrills or The Killers than cashing in.
This minimalist indie duo are not here to resurrect Robert Johnson or Charlie Patton. There’s no agenda to save ROCK. No, the Kills are camped out in the Chelsea Hotel to promote their new record, chain smoke some cigarettes, and work on their other hobbies: writing in their diaries and taking photographs with their digital camera.
We found The Kills, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, ensconced around a table littered with cigarettes, water bottles, an iPod, and a worn copy of Gunther Grass’s The Tin Drum, a book about an “the eternal three-year-old drummer” that Jamie claims to have read dozens of times.
They were in New York doing interviews to promote their follow-up to 2003’s amazing Keep on Your Mean Side. Alison and Jamie graciously sat down with us to discuss their music, those nagging White Stripes comparisons, and touring with Franz Ferdinand. Jamie is unpretentious and outspoken. He smoked a lot. Alison is beautiful, articulate, and a bit shy. She smoked even more. Their platonic affection for one another was obvious and endearing. Their chemistry will delight fans on their fantastic new record, No Wow.
FW: How long were you in the studio with No Wow?
Jamie:We did in two parts. We wrote it in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We were there for four weeks. We then took a week off and then recorded the album in three weeks in New York.

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