Danger Gorillaz

News on Danger Mouse and the Gorillaz from the press release (see below). [Note, Danger Mouse remixing Dinah Washington verges on sacriledge. Whose idea was this? That said the Gorillaz project sounds cool.]
“Artist and Producer Danger Mouse has recently finished producing the highly anticipated forthcoming Gorillaz album. The album, titled Demon Days, is due out in May.
Danger Mouse was recently honored in GQ’s Man of the Year issue and Entertainment Weekly’s Album of the Year as well as ‘year end’ accolades from SPIN, Vibe, Blender, NME, Wired, Q and Village Voice to name just a few.

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Another story for Congress and the American public to ignore

From AP:
Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists
SAN DIEGO (AP) – An Iraqi whose corpse was photographed with grinning U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib died under CIA interrogation while in a position condemned by human rights groups as torture – suspended by his wrists, with his hands cuffed behind his back, according to reports reviewed by The Associated Press.

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At least he's consistent: Bush nominates another douchebag for intelligence chief

John Negroponte is best known for:
A. Overseeing covert funding of the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s
B. Covering up human rights abuses carried out by CIA-trained operatives in Honduras in the 1980
From the WSWS:
Iran-Contra gangsters resurface in Bush administration
By Patrick Martin
1 August 2001

The Bush administration appealed to Senate Democrats July 27 to move ahead with the confirmation of two top-level diplomatic nominees whose appointments have been delayed because of their role in defending right-wing dictatorships and death squads in Central America.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden (D-Del) said through a spokesman that a hearing for John Negroponte, nominated for US ambassador to the United Nations, would be held as early as next week. No hearing has yet been set for Otto Reich, nominated for assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs.

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Dynamite Soundboard

We all know that Napoleon Dynamite got robbed by the Academy. It was clearly the best movie of the year. Ok, maybe it wasn’t. But it was damn funny. If you’re a fan, this soundboard of clips is essential:
Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard

Jesus loves torture, but he frowns upon porn

Note that this is THE FIRST INITIATIVE Gonzales is pushing for. The most important thing on his evangelical agenda. Maybe S&M is OK Mr Gonzales, since it involves torture?
From Yahoo News:
Gonzales Seeks to Reinstate Obscenity Case
WASHINGTON – The Bush administration said Wednesday it would seek to reinstate an indictment against a California pornography company that was charged with violating federal obscenity laws. It was Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ first public decision on a legal matter.
Billed as the government’s first big obscenity case in a decade, the 10-count indictment against Extreme Associates Inc. and its owners, Robert Zicari, and his wife, Janet Romano, both of Northridge, Calif., was dismissed last month by U.S. District Judge Gary Lancaster of Pittsburgh.

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Robert Moses, Freemasons, and Fornicating Rabbits
This looks right up our alley!
Boozy: The Life, Death, and Subsequent Vilification of Le Corbusier and, More Importantly, Robert Moses ($15)
The Ohio Theatre
66 Wooster St, New York, New York
February 13-March 5
All Performances 8pm
Amidst a blaze of streaming media, ridiculous choreography, and dozens of live fornicating rabbits, famed French architect Le Corbusier inspires builder Robert Moses in his desperate battle to recreate New York,” the Off-Broadway company announced. “Boozy: The Life, Death, and Subsequent Vilification of Le Corbusier and, More Importantly, Robert Moses tracks the life of Robert Moses, from idealistic youth to unstoppable power broker, able to turn parched land into glorious bridges, highways, and public housing with a mere flick of the wrist. With guest appearances by Benito Mussolini, FDR, and the ghost of Baron von Haussmann, Moses learns from the greats until true power is finally his. Freemasons dance, FDR levitates, and Daniel Libeskind silently weeps. None shall be spared.
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The Greenhouse What????

Right wing douchebag Matt Drudge, finally pulls his head out of his ass and hears about this whole Greenhouse Effect thingee. Sorry Matt, the rest of the world has either already heard about Global warming or is busy denying it to help out their corporate buddies. And now that your head has been dislodged from your sphincter and you’ve entered the 21st Century, you may want to consider ditching the animated siren. Animated gifs lost favor around the time the Internet bubble burst. What? You didn’t know about that either?! Yeah, your Pets.com stock is pretty worthless now, buddy.

The Great Game

The Myth and Reality of Espionage
Frederick P. Hitz
A non-review by J. Stefan-Cole

In, The Great Game: The Myth and Reality of Espionage; Knopf, 2004, which compares the literature of spies with the real thing, Frederick P. Hitz writes, “In the world of espionage, as elsewhere, absolute secrecy corrupts absolutely.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan might concur. In his 1998 book, Secrecy: an American Experience, he says secrecy is not only inefficient, it is bad for democracy. An example, the Venona Project broke the Soviet signal code toward the end of World War II, revealing the names of American agents at work for Uncle Joe; Alger Hiss, and the Rosenbergs among them. Both Hitz and Moynihan suggest the McCarthy witch hunt wouldn’t have occurred had the secrets of the Venona code been revealed and debated. The military decided Venona was so sensitive even President Truman was kept in dark about the code with the result that Truman correctly doubted a huge internal Red threat, while J. Edgar Hoover and the McCarthy conservatives were convinced a Commie lay hidden beneath every D.C. bush.

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