Captain Blinky's Message to Democrats

As our Great Nation Healer said last week:
“I’ll reach out to everyone who shares our goals.”

The November Art Crawl

I come from a long line of failures, reprobates, drunks, self-absorbed losers, and cowards. As a young Keane Pepper, I often imagined growing up to be a banker and starting a family just so I could leave them to paint nubile islander girls.
Sometimes I would dream about contracting syphilis from a French whore and begging for money from a rich patron to support my opium addiction. Ah, how I loved to read biographies about my favorite artists. I remember watching "Lust for Life" in 8th grade art class and hoping my life would be just as fucked up as Vincent’s.
Somehow, sitting here in my boxers, half-drunk on cheap beer trying to exorcise a two day, hangover and the dismal returns on the election I realize that I have not fulfilled my dream. I promised myself that if Bush were elected (he certainly wasn’t re-elected), I would challenge my mediocrity and fully commit to a life of artistic poverty and misery.

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November 2004 Movie Preview

11/5 Releases:


Family of superheroes gets called out of a witness protection program to save the world.

This is Pixar, folks. They’re 5 and 0. Not only that, but they’ve teamed up with Brad Bird, who wrote and directed the criminally underseen "Iron Giant." Rumor has it that Brad came over to Pixar from WB because of their mishandling of his feature debut. That also means this is one of the few Pixar outings to not be either written or directed by Andrew Stanton, but if I’d trust anyone with their product besides him, it’d be Bird.

The voice talent is impressive. I’m particularly looking forward to Sam Jackson and Jason Lee joining the Pixar family. Pixar regular John Ratzenberger is back for another round. His Abominable Snowman in "Monsters, Inc." is still one of my all time favorite movie cameos.

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Supreme Trading Presents:
Brit/Indie/PostPunk/Nu-wave dance music
Djs: Oil (KanineRecords),Gerald (OtherMusic), and guests TBA.
Hosts: Marc Ramsey and Lio
Supreme Trading 213 N8th (near Driggs), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
10:00pm-4:00am Friday Nov. 5
This is a new party at Williamsburg’s newest spot. It contains many different rooms (a room with live Djs, a couch/booth & table room to chill in, an amazing outdoor patio to smoke/drink & chat, a live band/performance room, and an art gallery.) No Cover every Friday Night in the front Dj/Bar room. Cheap drinks including Stella on tap! Conveniently located on the first stop of the L Train(get off at the Driggs exit and you are right there). There also is a taxi service station around the corner from the bar

States with the lowest IQ scores are red states


Relaxing counterpoint to this week's stress:

Don’t miss the butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Shut up, its cool. To find out more about Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter, click here.

Conspiracy or Fraud?

From Russ Josephs:
This election had nothing to do with values or a poorly run Kerry campaign. The Democrats were victims of massive voter fraud via electronic voting machines and other methods.
1. States using e-voting gave Bush mysterious 5%
2.Electronic voting in Ohio gave bush thousands of
extra votes

3. Bizarre Florida results, county by county
4. Black Box Voting declares fraud via electronic
voting machines
5. Did Kerry concede too soon?
6. Why Kerry really won, by Greg Palast, contributing
editor to Harper’s and the BBC, and author of “The
Best Democracy Money Can Buy.”
7. Was the Ohio election honest and fair?

8. Some thoughts from Mark Crispin Miller, media
critic, professor of communications at New York
University, and author, most recently, of "Cruel and
Unusual: Bush/Cheney’s New World Order." (from

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Since we're all depressed already….

Our scary prediction for the RNC’s choice in the 2008 presidential campaign:

We know that people keep whispering the name Rudy, but a pro-choice candidate would force the Religious Right to boycott the vote.
I hope we’re wrong.
This article from Newsweek sums up how we feel:
“Liberalism is dead. Liberal internationalism is dead. The Democratic Party is dying. There is no center to speak of in American politics anymore. America is now a “Red State” nation that is totally out of synch with Europe and the rest of the world — embracing religious fundamentalism, reactionary values on gay marriage and other social issues. America under a second Bush presidency will continue to flout international opinion, “pre-emptively” making war on countries as it sees fit. A new Dark Age looms.” continue
Our next post will feature bunny rabbits and candy. We all need to feel better.