Goods Food Truck taken over by Mesa Coyoacan

c/o L Magazine

We’ve been wondering what was to come of the abandoned airstream trailer that was once occupied by Goods Food. Eater has the latest news on the trailer’s newest reincarnation which will be led by Mesa Coyocan.

The owners of Williamsburg Mexican spot Mesa Coyoacan plan on opening the spot at Zona Rosa, serving tacos, margaritas, and other Mexican specialties. They hope to open the venture in April and keep it open from 8 AM until 4 or 5 AM. Unlike in its previous iteration, this time around the cafe will have running water and bathrooms.

We’re excited for this news, and hope the new venture will be more successful than the previous owners. Will the Margaritas be to go?


  1. Love Mesa Coyoacan!

  2. Thanks for the update, i was wondering what the hell was going to happen after such a fuss and only giving it a summer, seemed like such a waste.

  3. damn, Goods food had the most amazing egg sandwhich on a biscuit I’ve ever had.

  4. Mexican food in NYC mega sucks.

  5. Perfect! I love Mesaaaaa!

  6. Mesa Coyoacan rocks!! can’t wait for Zona Rosa to open.

  7. The airstream kitchen is awesome and the guys from Coyoacan are making some smart & functional upgrades to the site. We have eaten every item on the Coyoacan menu and can’t wait to devour our way through the offerings at Zona Rosa. This is the best Mexican food in NYC period! When we are not sipping margaritas at Coyoacan we’ll be trying the multitude of micheladas at Zona Rosa. This is going to be one fun summer!

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