10 Year Old Brit Chick Is Way Cooler Than You

Known solely as Solveig — or by her nickname Sol, which often graces her masterpieces — this adolescent artist is making the graffiti community do a serious double take. And if you were to come across her work on the street, her bright, solid colors and cute, childish subjects would make you look twice too.
Though she works mainly on legal graf sites throughout her hometown of Brighton, Sussex, that hasn’t stopped the press from quickly dubbing her the “female Banksy.”
…awfully impressive for someone who’s still in primary school, if you ask me. More examples of her work after the jump.

She’s even had a hand at tattooing, though with all that heavy bling around her neck it’s a surprise she was able to hold the gun straight.

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  1. she kicks my ass on the scale of coolness!

  2. Uhm, I think you mean the “female Banksy” NOT “Bansky”.

  3. this is da wrst fukin shit ive eva seen i wood rather see a baby hav a shite

  4. hey baby u are so sexy im 10 myself wana go out sometimes im hot just like u u are sexy u make me wana jump off of cuz i cant see u baby thats how sexy u are baby holla back princesss my name is skateboard b nice sending u this comment

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