Verboten Presents Willkommen in the Park: Outdoor Deep House Yoga

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Partying heavily this weekend? Good for you! After it’s all said and done, don’t fear the beginning of the week. Monday is the perfect time to reset, and what better way to get right than by giving your chakras some attention at a Deep House Yoga Session? Catch Verboten’s last Deep House Yoga session of the summer with Willkommen in the Park this Monday, September 22nd. Detox and bring the focus back to your well being, while enjoying live house music from George Faya + Tasha Blank.

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Midnight Movie Screenings 9/19-9/21 Include Heavenly Creatures and Harold and Kumar

Alright boys and girls, it’s midnight movie time and things are about to get weird.  As usual, this weekend brings you everything including cult comedies, bizarrely violent films, and the most ‘90s movie ever made. Let’s start with the pleasant though, shall we? [Read more...]

Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: September 19-20

There’s some super pickings this weekend around North Brooklyn with DJ sets scheduled in all times of the day. Start your night with local Disco and House fav, Jacques Renault and the Let’s Play House crew at Cameo. Over at Bossa Nova, there’s a weekend long festival showcasing the wealth of female and female-identified DJ talent with artists including Lauren Flax, Shannon Funchess (of Light Asylum), Lauren Dillard, and much more too. Continuing onto  Saturday, climb onto the roof of OUTPUT with the  Kaviar Disco duo Travmatic and Beto Cravioto before wrapping up the night with Andhim and Dense & Pika across the street at Verboten.



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This is the end of Williamsburg (part 2394827639484692374)


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If it wasn’t re-zoning, American Apparel, The Edge, Monster Island, Duane Reade, Whole Foods, 285 Kent, Dunkin Donuts, “Space Ninety-Eight,” Death By Audio or that Apple Store that is probably opening, then THIS is surely the end of Williamsburg:

A rumored real estate deal could cause trouble for some of Williamsburg’s most successful eateries, meaning not even the neighborhood’s bougie gentrifiers are safe from…the effects of gentrification. A possible $100 million deal to purchase several properties on North 3rd Street has been dished to the Real Deal, which reports that Waterbridge Capital could pay around $1,000 per square foot for the space at 103-119 North 3rd Street. Current tenants of said properties include beer hall Radegast, brunch dominator Egg, Mexican spot Viva Toro and hirsute chocolatiers Mast Brothers.

The deal gives Waterbridge about 110,000 total buildable square feet, including more than 50,000 square feet of residential space with 41 rental units that are ripe for repositioning, sources said. The properties generate about $4 million in annual income, a source said. [The] businesses are likely paying below-market rents, and will be repositioned over time.For its part, Radegast doesn’t see itself going anywhere, with the owner telling us he had four and a half more years on his 12-year lease plus an option for 10 more years after that. He hadn’t been approached by anyone about the sale of the building, but said he “knew what he had” and would negotiate with his current landlord, Olga Sosa of Berry Enterprises Uses, LLC. We reached out to Egg and Mast Bros. and we’ll update if we hear back.

These properties are just a stone’s throw from 76 North 4th Street, the site of Williamsburg’s rumored Shake Shack. At the time, a Radegast worker told us he heard that “Marshall’s and TJ Maxx’s [were] going in and subterranean parking lots,” and that given the “state of Williamsburg” he wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors were true. Whether these businesses will be ousted and replaced with gleaming new condos or some other monstrosity remains to be seen. At least whatever moves in will probably go well with Whole Foods.



Fraud or philanthropy? Art and Craft film review

Fraud, it seems, without any monetary benefit to the forger, is not a crime. And this is known best by Mark Landis, who has duped some of the most prestigious art museums in the country with his copycat pieces for more than 30 years. The new documentary Art and Craft, opening this Friday, peers into the life of Mark Landis and follows him as he deceives museum registrars and aggravates the one man always on this case, former registrar Matt Leininger. [Read more...]

Video: Whirr, Cloakroom, and Sannhet at The Studio at Webster Hall

whirr-04Pop quiz, hot shot. What do you get when you pack three of the loudest post-rock bands on earth into a glorified broom closet in the basement of a creaky old theater in lower Manhattan. Answer? Tinnitus, you idiot. As well as one hell of a show from heavy shoegazers Whirr, Cloakroom, and our favorite blackened post-rock (or lightened black metal?) trio, Sannhet. Check out the video from the epically claustrophobic show below and also keep your eye for anyone playing/selling a black Gibson RD bass, as some degenerate slug stole one from Sannhet after the show on Tuesday.

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Top five shows of the weekend

uninvited5) Andy Stott, Demdike Stare, Millie & Andrea, Miles, and more at Output
While you’re never going to hear me expound on the cultural importance of Output (nor ever find me there), I must say, this one caught my attention. Every now and then Output books itself a name in the electronic music world, but Manchester dub pioneer Andy Stott is by far their highest concept yet. A deviation from the Wythe mega-club’s usual (MDM)A + B(ro step) = C(oitus in the bathroom) Pythagorean, Stott is sure to bring some artistic gravitas to the grind this weekend, so if you’re looking to get down with your dignity intact, this is the place to be.

Friday, doors at 10pm

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Taste Talks All-Star BBQ = food coma

Chefs at the All-Star BBQ, courtesy of Taste Talks

Chefs at the All-Star BBQ, courtesy of Taste Talks

This past weekend cult-status chefs descended upon North Williamsburg, taking over the Wythe Hotel, Kinfolk Studios, Colossal Media and the East River Park for Taste Talks Brooklyn.

Saturday, I was lucky enough to grab a seat at Mario Batali’s panel on “What is Buzz?” with Christine Muhlke, Executive Editor of Bon Appétit; Kate Krader, Restaurant Editor at Food & Wine magazine; Ken Friedman, Co-owner of several restaurants, including theThe Spotted Pig; and Craig Kanarick, CEO of All of the panelists have years of curating and influencing tastes. [Read more...]