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Josh Wink performs at the first-ever Time Warp US Festival (Photo by Jeff Thibodeau Photography)

Josh Wink doesn’t feel the need to have a photographer on stage with him to capture that standard DJ shot, with his hands in the air. He doesn’t care how hard you fist pump at his show (or “pogo” as he tends to say in European interviews because the phrase has sexual connotations overseas – you do the math). And call him old-fashioned, but he refuses to flood his Instagram with selfies. “I just don’t see how a picture of me sitting at an airport is interesting,” the house DJ and producer says. “I’m probably over thinking it.”

When Wink isn’t contemplating the self-important implications that come along with using social media, he’s playing sold-out clubs in Ibiza, signing artists to his electronic music label, Ovum Recordings, and spending time at home in Philadelphia with his 3-year-old son. Becoming a parent hasn’t taken the electronic legend off the road, but it has made going out on dates with his long-time girlfriend a bit more difficult. “We just went to our second movie since our son was born, and I guess that’s just part of our life as being 40-year-old parents,” Wink says. However, a recent trip to the cinema became a much more introspective experience than the musician had anticipated.

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This One Goes To Eleven: 10 best metal albums of 2014

AirheadsWith the capital-I Internet anointing 2013 “THE BEST METAL YEAR EVER!!” before it even ended, 2014 was a letdown by the time it began. Much hyped releases from the likes Agalloch, At the Gates, Mastodon, and Pallbearer couldn’t save it. The underground’s rescue missions returned with heads hung. Ludicrous precedent, and its attendant expectations, have a habit of souring even the best things and metal fell victim this year, issuing a jointly agreed upon “meh”, before moving on to 2015’s saliva soaked forecasts.

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MTA looking to increase L train service, upgrade Bedford Avenue stop

bedfordThe MTA is looking for $300 million in federal funding to make significant improvements to the L train line. From [Read more...]

MiUSA Winebar – now open in South Williamsburg


The space looks lovely and the chef’s resume includes Fat Duck, Per Se and Daniel. Fork in the Road paid them a visit.

Soldini, who has worked in some of the world’s best kitchens, including a three-year stint at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and apprenticeships at Per Se and Daniel, has created a menu that combines the culinary mindset of Italy with the ethos of his new home in the U.S. With a menu that will change at least four times per year, the eatery is focused on serving items grown, reared, and produced in the United States. The wine list mostly hails from California; the beer list is craft; even the vodka is sourced from within the borders.

The style of fare is New American, “with a touch of Italian,” says Bernocchi. Appetizers are broken down into meat, vegetables, and fish. Expect to see dishes ($9 to $10) like leek and squash soup, and wild striped bass sashimi, watermelon radish, and orange sour cream. Main courses run $12 to $20, and include items like sweet-potato gnocchi with winter mixed mushrooms, bacon, apple, and brussels sprouts, and duck breast with kale, orange, pecan, and glazed pearl onion. Cheese plate options and desserts (think vanilla ice cream sandwiches with chocolate and raspberry sauces) make up the rest of the menu.

MiUSA Winebar
98/A south 4th street Brooklyn New York 11249 (between Bedford and Berry)
Dinner: mon – thurs 4pm – 2am; fri – sat 4pm – 4am; sun 4pm to 2am
Breakfast and brunch: sat. &  sun from 8am to 4pm

Top five shows of the weekend


Photo by Chad Batka

Photo by Chad Batka

5) The Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Christmas Show at the Town Hall 
In case you A. Happened to miss Ted Leo’s surprise appearance at DBA last month B. Have been lacking the jubilant holiday spirit, or C. All of the above (I feel your pain, Cs), then the Town Hall may have just what your looking for this weekend. Headlined by Aimee Mann and the aforementioned Jersey punk icon–who collaborated earlier this year as The Both–this holiday themed bash is sure to fill both your cheer and Leo quotas, as long as you’re willing to pony up $45 bucks (because, you know, it’s the holidays). If that’s your thing, then get out there and show your spirit. If not, well, bah humbug.

Saturday, doors at 7:30pm

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Swearin’, Quarterbacks, Mean Creek and Bethlehem Steel are playing our End of the Year bash

swearinbkbazaar22014 was sort of a depressing year for live music in Williamsburg, almost solely because of the fate of one building at South 2nd and Kent Avenue. As much as it sucks to lose 285 Kent, Death By Audio and Glasslands (and hey, Ran Tea House), there are still tons of great venues and bands in and around Williamsburg who deserve to be celebrated.

That’s part of the reason why we’ve decided to throw an “End of the Year” bash at one of our favorite remaining Williamsburg venues, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, along with probably our favorite Williamsburg venue, Shea Stadium.

As you’ll note on the above poster, this Friday, December 12, FREEwilliamsburg and Shea Stadium will proudly bring you an incredible night of indie rock and pop punk with Swearin’, Quarterbacks, Mean Creek and Bethlehem Steel at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. And unlike a CERTAIN PUBLICATION’S 20th anniversary party, you’re all invited for the price of “on the house.” Doors are at 7 PM. RSVP here. [Read more...]

Bklyn House – a “Bushwick-inspired hotel” is coming to Bushwick


And by ”Bushwick-inspired” they’re of course referring to the neighborhood’s working class and Latino roots. Oh wait… maybe they’re not:

The hotel will work with local businesses to provide pastries, coffee or amenities to guests… The marketing materials for Bklyn House were hand drawn by Brooklyn artist Daniel Irizarry…

“When you go to a map and pinpoint where 9 Beaver St. is, it is surrounded by galleries and art spaces in Bushwick and Ridgewood,” Mastrelli said. “We’re really inspired by the stuff going on there, and the street art, and that kind of raw feeling of creativity.”

The average cost to stay at the hotel will be $175 per night. It will also eventually have a rooftop bar with outdoor seating, which will open by next summer, Mastrelli said.

Bushwick’s “tight-knit community” and “flourishing” arts scene will be embedded into every part of the guest experience, she said.

In addition to local products, the hotel also hopes to work with art galleries to display rotating local art.

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The Grand Street BID throws a holiday party on Saturday


Lights are up on Grand Street, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, thanks to the Grand Street Business Improvement District (BID). And this Saturday, they’re throwing a holiday party and everyone is invited.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen the BID’s signs on Grand Street, but never really thought about what it meant. Well, turns out life can be tough in the city, and BIDs help make it a little easier for the neighborhood. The Grand Street BID formed in the 80s to help out small businesses between Union and Bushwick Avenues. Their goal, according to Executive Director Artineh Havan is to “improve the quality of life for the community” by keeping the areas clean, attracting new businesses, doing things like lobbying for new sidewalks, roads, lights and trees, which by the way can take YEARS. [Read more...]