Perfect Pussy melts faces tonight at Shea Stadium

Didn’t snag tickets for tonight’s show? Don’t cry. We’re pretty sure they will be back.  And in the meantime, here is a little taste of what being in a kick-ass punk band is like, from Perfect Pussy’s bassist Greg Ambler:

FreeWilliamsburg: Last time you were in Brooklyn, you played two shows in the same night- The Knitting Factory and Saint Vitus. How did you keep up? What was different between the two sets?

Greg Ambler: I keep up by smoking tons of weed and play the same regardless of where I am or who is watching. I attempted to snap my bass in half at St.Vitus and ended up just fucking up my knee which was probably pretty funny to watch.

FW: Who do you listening to when you’re on tour? What other bands are out there now that inspire you?

GA: Lately lots of composed pieces. Mostly movie soundtrack scores but slowly getting into some classical. Being on tour for almost a year straight has been super stressful and it helps to listen to something soothing when you are in a van with 6 or 7 smelly people.

Current favorites for me are Pleasure Leftists from Cleveland and Speedy Ortiz from Western Massachusetts I believe. Amazing repertoire and even better people! These are 2 bands that exemplify the values and lifestyle they promote.

FW: Things seemed to have happened fairly quickly for the band. How did you adjust as a group? What do you think people are attracted to?

GA: We basically have just been running with it and learning along the way. There’s a lot more to being a band than writing music these days which is the total opposite of how all of us had been living so we are hoping to find time in the next few months to do other projects and just hang out.

If I could pinpoint what people are attracted to about this band I think we would cease to exist.

FW: Say Yes to Love is a pretty short, but feels like a lot longer because the energy is so strong. Do fans ever get a little rowdy wanting more?

GA: It’s a common question but we just don’t have the material to play any longer. We have only been an active band for about 18 months and 12 of them have been on the road. When a promoter books a band with a 4 song demo and then demands they play longer than 15 minutes or they won’t pay them they should seriously question their motives for being involved in this lifestyle.

FW: What’s next for Perfect Pussy?

GA: Iceland!

CMJ artist announcement is tomorrow


I can’t believe it’s already (almost) that time of the year again.

As in past years, the CMJ Music Marathon brain-trust will host an invite-only artist announcement party tomorrow (8/27) somewhere in downtown Manhattan, where the first round of bands playing this year’s Music Marathon will be announced. There will also be live performances by Juan Wauters and Porches.

While the event is invite only, CMJ are offering a few people (21+) entry to the event if you enter this contest. You’ll also get some Champion swag. Contest winner will be informed of the location of the party prior to the event.

CMJ Music Marathon 2K14 runs from October 21-25 this year and boasts 1,400 artists in 80 venues in our fair city. If you’ve never attended, it’s basically like SXSW for New York City, except with less tech and overt sponsorship. Meaning… five days of live music, ’round the clock and sometimes free drinks. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

REVIEW: Teklife and Kevin Saunderson Played PS1 MoMA Warm Up Series


I finally made a visit to PS1 MoMA’s Warm Up Series this past Saturday. Despite the imminent looking “Independence Day” clouds that were rolling overhead, the weather held out and made way for a comfortable afternoon of daydrinking and dancing in the courtyard.

This year’s installation is massive. The two towers of white brick are multifunctional. Observers can sit inside of the ceiling-less structure, and look up to see a metal infinity symbol hardly that hardly obstructs the view of the sky. Surrounding the towers are bade pools where people can cool their feet in water. Many people opted to do so on Saturday while soaking up some background tunes.

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Please oh please let the Williamsburg Pop-up Hobby Lobby be a joke


Thanks to a tip here is a photo of the sign in the window of the old Woodley & Bunny space on North 10th and Driggs. I’m 99.9% sure that a holiday Pop-up for the women’s rights hating Hobby Lobby is a joke like we’ve seen for Walmart and the Cat Cafe. However, with Starbucks, J Crew, the Apple Store, a Ricky’s Halloween pop-up, Whole Foods, and Urban Outfitters openings being legit you just never know.

- Josh Morrissey is on Twitter

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

bastardsapling-608x603Well, we survived week one. Not without a head full of Pallbearer thinkpieces, a split eyebrow or two, and some good ol’ fashioned tinnitus, of course, but here we are again–icepack to the temple, coffee in hand–plotting a course for the blackened heart of autumn’s metal release season. And although our news channels are running a little slower today than they have in Tuesday’s past, take some solace in the fact that a quiet week in metal is still apocalypse everywhere else.

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Happn: The first app that helps you find the people you’ve crossed paths with in real life



Just when you thought you would have to spend yet another winter lonely and single – enter happn, a new app with a exciting promise: find the people you happen upon at the coffee shop, Central Park or on your street.

It’s the first dating app that uses geolocation in real-time, drawing up a timeline of all your real-life encounters. Remember Craigslist’s missed connections section? Happn is better. You lock eyes with a hot stranger but don’t have the courage to approach him/her? The opportunity is not lost if you both have happn.

How does it work? [Read more...]

People actually prefer the shuttle to the G train

credit: Greenpointers

credit: Greenpointers

We griped and griped, but many commuters actually preferred the shuttle to taking the awful G train. Enjoy it while it lasts. Service resumes on Tuesday:

“It’s faster,” said George Huarotte, 22, who works in Greenpoint. “I prefer the shuttle.”

“The shuttle is always there,” said Tiffany Elisca, 25, who also works in Greenpoint. “And it’s free.”

The G train has been shut down between the Nassau Avenue and Court Square stops since July 25 to allow workers to make “extended repairs” after 3 million gallons of salt water flooded the line during Sandy, according to the MTA… [Read more...]

Hooray For Earth kills Bowery Ballroom


I can always tell I’m about to watch a good show by the amount of ear plugs in the crowd and people, arms crossed, who look more like they are waiting in line at the DMV than a band to appear. This is the telltale giveaway that the “industry” folks have arrived and was definitely the scene at the Bowery Ballroom Saturday night as the Boston turned NY band Hooray For Earth put on a show, touring to support their new album Racy.

“Racy is Hooray For Earth stripped down to its core elements as a music project. It’s music written and directed by one person, performed by a band who’ve been playing together for a long time,” said Noel Heroux, the genius behind the band.

With a controlled, mature loudness, Hooray For Earth captured my attention from the moment they came on stage. Each song felt purposeful and complete with layers of sound and Heroux’s smooth voice tying everything together. And Heroux’s guitar skills – magic. Performed live, the songs from the album feel much bigger than through my speakers at home, filling every inch of the room. [Read more...]