Top 5 shows of the weekend


This wretched month will finally come to an end by the time the weekend is out, but February does leave us a nice parting gift in the form of some fantastic shows that should get you out of whatever hopefully warm abode you call home.

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Over the Counter: This Week in New and Interesting Music

pile“Over the Counter” is a column by our music editor focusing on new and interesting music that isn’t featured so prominently. In this edition: new releases from Pile, Container and ADVAETA, plus Ukiah Drag, Uniform and more. [Read more...]

Video: Helmet played Saint Vitus

Long running NYC noise makers Helmet brought their 20th anniversary tour for 1994′s album Betty to Saint Vitus in Greenpoint last Sunday. The record was played in full, with an additional second set of career highlights. You can watch part of the two hour long set below.

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Man smashes Kent Ave. storefront windows because of ‘zombie apocalypse’

240kentThere are a lot of reasons people get angry in Williamsburg these days. The opening of chains like Starbucks, the soaring rent prices, and the closing of all of our favorite restaurants and music venues are usually the main sources of local ire. However, this time a ‘zombie apocalypse’ is the culprit. A Brooklyn [Read more...]

Pete Wells gives Williamsburg’s Semilla a rave


Semilla, credit NY Times

In this week’s review of the “vegetable forward” cooking at Semilla, Wells was pretty glowing, though he conceded that the newish Williamsburg establishment could be a tad niche:

“The crowd reminded me of the audiences, small but intense, who showed up to hear underground bands in the ’80s and ’90s, when that was one of the few ways to hear music that didn’t get played on the radio.”

Here are some other highlights:

Semilla had taken two cabbage leaves, then flattened and dried them until they were as crisp as a cracker. This was the bread. In between were a bundle of unusually delicious coleslaw and some grains of buckwheat groats….The flavors woke up old memories of the Polish and Ukrainian restaurants that are mostly gone from the East Village… [Read more...]

TICKET GIVEAWAY: 2:54 and Honeyblood at Rough Trade

This Friday, Rough Trade hosts a fierce female line-up of Okay Kaya, Honeyblood and 2:54 and we’re giving away TICKETS!

The band I have my eye on is Honeyblood from Scotland. I first heard of the band, formed with Stina Tweeddale on vocal and guitar and Cat Myers on drums, when their 2014 self-titled album was named as a staff pick at Rough Trade. And the duo reeled me in with their song Super Rat, which is the world’s best break-up/I hate you song. “Scum bag sleaze, slime ball grease?” What is not to love?

Honeyblood was the brainchild of Stina, who brought the idea to her friend Cat to help bring it to life. They started out doing small time DIY shows, peddling their two-track cassette “Thrift Shop.” Stina describes there sound as “a bit of garage rock vibe with a pop core.” And with catchy songs like “Bud” and “Killer Bangs,” it is easy to see how the band has made a name for themselves in Glasgow and beyond.

If you want to see these ladies live, show your love in the comments. We’ll pick the winner on Thursday! Or, if you can’t wait, you can purchase tickets here.

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

cryptsermonIn a fit of domestication (and, in this case, transparency), I spent this past Sunday assembling IKEA furniture for my girlfriend. And as anyone who has ever spent their weekend assembling IKEA furniture can tell you, the only thing it makes you want to do is throw on something caustic and smash that pile of Swedish voodoo back into the splinters from whence it came. So here’s to that caustic something and the perhaps foolhardy hope that I can find solace in sonic destruction alone.

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Williamsburg’s oldest bar, Teddy’s, sold to new owner


If you lived in Williamsburg in the 90s, you likely have warm memories about Teddy’s bar. Before other, more-trendy establishments took over it was the place to get a drink in the neighborhood – a welcoming home to artists and locals alike. The owners were evidently choosy about who purchased the bar, wanting someone who would keep the “classic vibe intact.” Fingers crossed that the buyer doesn’t turn Teddy’s into another generic drinking hole that pays no tribute to its history.

The three owners of Teddy’s Bar and Grill sold it last week, ending their nearly-three-decade claim on the more-than-a-century-old watering hole. In shopping it around, they made a point of picking a buyer who pledged to keep the classic vibe intact, they said.

“We were very eager to find an owner-operator who would cherish what was happening here and not turn it into a luxury steakhouse or an obnoxious chain,” Felice Kirby said. “We had some crazy offers from people, but we did not think those would be a smart move…” [Read more...]