New York I love you but you’re freaking me out – LCD winebar (aka Four Horsemen) opens this weekend


Four Horses, from Instagram
295 Grand Street (Havemeyer Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn,

They can call it Four Horseman all they want. It will always be LCD Winebar to us. It opens this Sunday:

Four Horsemen, the natural wine bar helmed by LCD Soundsystem frontman/food loving guy James Murphy, should explode onto the Williamsburg scene this weekend. [Read more...]

New FIDLAR: ’40oz. On Repeat’


We enjoyed seeing the always energetic FIDLAR open for the always sweaty Metz last week. (Both bands were great). FIDLAR played a handful of new songs from their upcoming record, Too, which now has a release date of September 4:

Los Angeles band FIDLAR today announced they will release their second full length album, Too, on September 4th via Mom + Pop Music. The album is available for pre-order today at iTunes and directly from the band at with exclusive merchandise bundles. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup


After a little mental health sabbatical last week, your second favorite neighborhood halfway house for hesh is back and serving up another ladle-full of sonic torture. It is the antidote to all that ails you; the elixir of life and death; so drink and be merry.

[Read more...]

This weekend: 2015 Bushwick Open Studios

Bushwick Open Studios

It’s that time of year again. Bushwick Open Studios is this weekend and as usual you should clear your calendar and go!

Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) is a three-day arts and culture festival, hosted annually by the volunteer organization Arts in Bushwick (AiB). Now in its ninth year, this celebration of our neighborhood’s vibrant community and local art scene is free and open to the public. The festival will take place from June 5-7, 2015. Open studios hours vary per artist, so check the directory for precise times. Most studios are open 12pm – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. [Read more...]

Times says Bushwick Inlet Park could cost another half billion in “ransom” money


Better late than never, the Times has finally tackled the Bushwick Inlet Park controversy. Adding up the numbers, they write that the city — which has already spent $225 million on the park — is a “textbook study in civic entropy and how public developments go awry.” And $225 million is just the beginning. The owner of the CitiStorage site (which lies at the center of the projected park and recently suffered a very suspicious fire) now wants a reported $500 million for his 11-acre lot. “The city will not, and should never, pay that kind of ransom,” says the Times:

Unsurprisingly, the first turn toward the absurd involved a lawsuit. Through eminent domain, the city offered $12 million for the rental truck lot. When the owner found a sympathetic judge, the price tag leapt into the stratosphere, to more than $90 million. The owner of CitiStorage, next door, Norman Brodsky, naturally assumed he had also hit the jackpot. Crain’s reported recently that he now wants $500 million for his 11-acre site. If the city won’t pony up, his site will cleave the prospective park in two…. [Read more...]

Gov Ball and Nitehawk present Weird Al’s UHF Film Feast


As you may know, Nitehawk Cinema, the best (in my opinion) movie theater in NYC, loves to pair the movies they’re showing with delicious, thoughtful and eclectic dishes to match. Building on that, they also have FILM FEASTS, where they create an entire menu for one movie (food AND drink). It’s usually a classic, like previous picks Pulp Fiction, Christmas Vacation, or Big Lebowski. Or it’s one that is relevant to the now, like the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer screening which is sold out (the Netflix prequel series is out July 17). [Read more...]

Vinnie’s Pizza gives new meaning to the slogan “pizza, pizza”

“I’ll have a slice pizza with slices of pizza please.” #HotPizzaOnPizzaAction #meta #pizza #vinnies

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If you’re not already, follow Vinnie’s on Instagram for other amusing specialty pizzas. More of our favorites below:



Jason VorCHEESE and Vinnie’s Pizzeria wish you a Happy Friday the 13th! #fridaythethirteenth #jasonvorhees #vinnies

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Farewell, Mad Men. #madmen #madmenu #vinnies #joan #dondraper

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Oleanders: retro preppy restaurant coming to Williamsburg


A new restaurant is opening in the former home of The Elm that’s sure to please all the Biffs and Muffys in Brooklyn. It’s called Oleanders and it’s set to open June 10. Bring on the Harvey Wallbangers!

Flo Fab also reports that the replacement for the Elm at the McCarren Hotel now has a name: Oleanders. [Read more...]