REVIEW: Hard Red Rocks Lives Up To The Mile High Hype

Hard Red Rocks

Last Thursday was like Christmas in July for all of us ShipFam that traveled to Colorado for Hard Red Rocks. The stunning view, incredible lineup and turned up crowd were the recipe for a perfect evening, taking place just outside of the Mile High City. Option 4, Branchez and Destructo got the party started well before sundown, gearing the sold-out crowd up for a varied night of bass drops and feels from the likes of Porter Robinson who brought his live “Worlds” set to the scenic venue, Dog Blood, the Skrillex Boys Noize side project that’s rarely scene outside of a full-blown festival setting, and finally The Glitch Mob, whose new EP only fueled the fire behind their always incredible live stage show which featured the return of “The Blade”.

While arriving in a party bus full of shippers seemed the best idea ever, I was sorely mistaken when I realized that the will call stop had been by-passed completely. Red Rocks First Timer PRO TIP: Will Call is two miles away at the F*CKING BOTTOM OF THE MOUNTAIN. Somehow by the grace of God, I was able to grab a cab in my persistent altitude induced drunken state (like two beers and you are hella screwed in the Rockies seriously) and snagged my ticket in a matter of moments. Sure I was pissed about the $20 cab fee, but once I let it go, the universe took care of me when I managed to ground score $16. God Bless.

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Diviera Drive now open in Williamsburg

Diviera Drive, credit Gothamist

Diviera Drive, credit Gothamist

We’ve been meaning to try Diviera Drive, the new, slightly confusing restaurant on North 7th and Bedford, for weeks now but have been distracted by all the recent openings in North Brooklyn. Yelp reviews have been mixed and Gothamist just ran a largely adjective-free ‘review.’ Have you been? The space looks appealing. Let us know what you think.

From Gothamist

It’s hard to miss the sailboat, out of place as it is blocks away from the water at the corner of Berry Street and North 7th in Williamsburg. It’s the touchstone piece of Diviera Drive, a multifaceted new dining venue that’s been evolving since quietly debuting a few months back. For now, the boat is just an interesting set piece in part of the restaurant’s outdoor patio; but soon, it’ll be gutted and repurposed with a special table, which can be reserved for a unique dinner….

The restaurant is divided into several sections, beginning with a coffee and liquor bar up front familiar to anyone who’s experienced Italy’s many espresso haunts. It’s an intentional nod by owner Oliver Strumm, who looked to recreate a Southern Italian motif and dining experience in the four years it took to bring the spot to fruition. The Vespa parked out front belongs to one of the kitchen staff and the wood-burning oven was flown in from Naples, but much of the decor and food is more local. [Read more...]

Watch people in McCarren Park react to bad True Detective 2 lines

truedetectiveChris Rose of comedy group Late Night Basement took to McCarren Park to find out how strangers would react to some of the awful lines from this disappointing season of True Detective [Read more...]

Bushwick bar Cain’s Tavern is closing this month due to ’500%’ rent hike


And another one gone, and another one gone:

We are very sad to announce that Cain’s Tavern will be closing at the end of August. After 5 years, Our landlords have decided to to raise our rent 500%, forcing us to relocate. We are scoping out spots now.

Thank you to the neighborhood of Bushwick for making every moment of the last five years worth it. Thank you to the other Bushwick bars and restaurants for being so damn cool. [Read more...]

Moku Moku, a new Izakaya restaurant in Bushwick, is now open


Moku Moku recently opened in Bushwick (you can call it East Williamsburg if you want). It’s from the same people who own Momo Sushi Shack which is next door:

Opened in the former Olive Valley space, Moku Moku isn’t doing sushi, but rather a more meat-heavy menu focused on Yakitori, which in Japanese means grilled chicken. But it’s not just chicken they’re serving here — on the menu you’ll find specialties including grilled beef tongue, chicken gizzards and beef heart. [Read more...]

Little Racer celebrates Foreign Tongues EP

“Garage rockers without garages. Surf rockers who can’t swim.” That’s how local band Little Racer describes themselves, and as strange as it seems, it’s pretty accurate. For the past few years, the group has been blasting loud yet shimmery guitar riffs and groovy bass around the boroughs and up and down the East Coast. Little Racer celebrated their new EP, Foreign Tongues, earlier this month with a release party bringing together some of Brooklyn’s other borderline surf rock bands, including New Myths, Surf Rock is Dead and New Life. [Read more...]

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

YggHuurIt’s a slower week here at the metal lake house, so grab your finest pair of black cut-offs, double bass kick back, and enjoy the late 3rd quarter calm before the 4th quarter storm. Oh, and if you’re thirsty, the beer is in the fridge, as always.

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


Is today the grossest day of the year? It just might be, it’s almost like you need a machete to cut through the humidity, hopefully tonight’s storms will help. Anyway, let’s not beat about the bush as you have weekend plans to make…

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