NERO’s Critically Acclaimed Between II Worlds Tour is Coming to Brooklyn

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Joining a prestigious list of top-name EDM acts who have chosen secret Brooklyn Warehouses as the venues to unleash their new digs is NERO. The melodic dubstep trio, fresh off of their Austin City Limits appearance, has two shows scheduled for Thursday Oct. 15th and Friday Oct. 16th. Their last performance in the tri-state was at 2013′s Made in America festival and Philly, and let’s be real, a DJ set just can’t compare to having vocalist Alana Watson leading us on a musical journey. In other words, next week is “kind of a big deal” for EDM fans.

We had a chat with NERO about what Brooklyn audiences can expect from the critically acclaimed Between II Worlds Tour.

NERO has played numerous festivals over the last year. How has this helped to amp you up for your own headlining tour?

It’s been good to work out how our new material sits with our first album songs. We love playing festivals but playing our own tour shows is a different thing altogether. Both equally enjoyable.

Why is Between II Worlds the perfect soundtrack for a great night? Are you aiming to play out a lot of the record during this tour?

Almost everything from Between II Worlds is in the new show. There’s a fairly big cross section of styles and song writing on the new album and it’s been great planning how those moments fit into the new show, creating a journey.

When Brooklynites see “Secret Warehouse”, we know there’s a wild party in our future. What were the deciding factors for using an alternative space vs. a traditional dance club on several of your tour dates?

We’ve played a lot of the traditional concert venues/ theatres in New York. We wanted to do something different this time. Bring people into a more unfamiliar space and create a full Nero experience. It’s nice to have a bit of mystery about a show.

The new stage show has been described as “cinematic”. What does this mean? Should we bring our 3-D glasses?

Ha, no. We did vaguely look into doing 3D in the past but it’s very expensive and hugely impractical. We’ve always maintained that it’s very important to have a cinematic/ theatrical feel to our performances. I think a lot of electronic acts forgot about adding a bit of theatre to their shows and it became more about “how many lights etc can we throw at this thing?”. I always think, if done the right way, less is more. The French are good at this – Gesaffelstein and Justice being good examples. We’re using silhouettes as a theme a lot in this show. I think the outline and shape of someone can be a lot more interesting than seeing the details.

Do you have any advice for those of us who are strapping in for a Nero show for the first time?

Not really. Just do your thing!

Those who prefer to watch Nero in an intimate setting can visit Output on Thursday night, but for the full sprawling, cinematic performance make sure you snag tickets to Friday’s show at a secret location TBD. Tickets for both shows are still available.

Between II Worlds Tour
Thursday, October 15th
Output, 74 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg
Get Tickets - $45 – $100

Friday, October 16th
Secret Warehouse, TBD
Get Tickets - $50 – $100

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Williamsburg home prices have increased by 269% in the past decade

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Average prices for condos, co-ops, and single- and two-family homes in Williamsburg climbed from $275 to $1,015 per square foot between 2004 and 2014, which, after adjusting for inflation, amounts to a positively-shocking 269 percent increase

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Black Tree, credit DNA

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Farm-to-table restaurant Black Tree’s new Williamsburg outpost is looking to serve diners an entire animal — in one meal.
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See KEN Mode at The Acheron on Friday, win a copy of their new LP, ‘Success’, today

DSC_3471-Brenna_ FarisA few months removed their downcast post-hardcore heel-turn, Success, KEN Mode have become what one—in the days of rock n’ roll yore—might have called road dogs. With just a single Brooklyn appearance to their name in the wake of 2013′s stellar Entrench, the Winnipeg-based trio have since realized any excuse to get out of Manitoba before the winter is a good one, riding their second major North American tour of the year into The Acheron on Friday for what is bound to be a show-of-the-week contender.

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New vegetarian restaurant, Black Flamingo, now open in Williamsburg


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Photo via Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

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