Santa Salsa – Venezuelan street food at Williamsburg’s Over the Eight bar


We’re not sure when Santa Salsa opened shop inside Over the Eight, but we can’t wait to pay them a visit. Gothamist was pleased:

Especially of note, their Perro Con Todo ($4), a Kosher beef hot dog topped with onions, cabbage, cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, their house Santa Salsa (a sweet corn salsa) and, of course, potato chips. [Read more...]

Jezebel Managing Editor punched in the face in Williamsburg by woman with ‘bad dye job’

Well this sucks….

Jezebel managing editor Erin Gloria Ryan, 31, who lives in Williamsburg, was walking on North Sixth Street near Berry Street on Friday around 10:40 p.m. when a woman walked up and punched her in the forehead without saying a word, Ryan and police said. The punch was enough to snap Ryan’s neck back, causing swelling above her left eye and requiring an ambulance trip to Bellevue Hospital, she and police said… [Read more...]

Beware of Bedford Avenue’s scooter hopping grifter


A Williamsburg man recently fell victim to a scooter hopping freeloader according to the NYPD. From [Read more...]

Ticket Giveaway – Mac McCaughan at Baby’s All Right

Mac McCaughan

Superchunk frontman and Merge Records co-owner Mac McCaughan releases his first ever solo album, Non Believerson the 4th of May.

We’re delighted to be able to give away a couple of tickets to his show at Baby’s All Right on the 16th of May, which also features Flesh Wounds and And the Kids.


Non Believers is currently streaming on NPR a week ahead of its release and you can also listen to a couple of songs below the jump. The record is a departure from Superchunk’s sugary-punk anthems and also Mac’s other solo work, Portastatic. Non Believers features synthesisers and drum machines, concocting a dark, icey sound, but also manages to be uplifting in a way that New Wave really captured in the 80s.

[Read more...]

Beerded Ladies night at Threes Brewing to celebrate women in the beer industry


It’s this Thursday in Gowanus at Threes Brewing:

Although not gender exclusive, Beerded Ladies throws events celebrating the many women in the beer industry. Since BL’s conception in 2013, the ladies have been hosting female-centric brew bashes all over NYC. On Thursday, April 30th, they’ll be hosting a mouthwatering event called Ladies Pint Night hosted by Threes Brewing in Gowanus. [Read more...]

5 ways we can save ourselves from the horror that is the L train


Right now, with no service on weeknights or weekends, the L train is running only 55% of the time… you need at least 65% on a test to get a D. But it’s not how little the train is running that concerns me. It’ll come back. It’ll come back more crowded than ever… ridiculously, absurdly, painfully crowded.

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Our favorite, drunk frat bro, Mac Demarco, announces new EP with another goofy video

As usual, we’re looking forward to this one!

A week and a half ago, I watched as the unreformed Canadian goof Mac DeMarco drew an impressive crowd at Coachella. [Read more...]

Top 5 shows of the weekend

moss icon

The weather looks like it should be pretty nice again this weekend, and yes the L train still sucks, but you can work around it. Remember to hit up the Numero pop-up store and load up on records. After enjoying the outdoors during the day, there are some fine evening options for you. [Read more...]