Two new hotels planned for Bushwick


71 White Street

Two separate developers filed permits this week for large scale hotels in Bushwick, one at 27 Stewart Avenue and another at 71 White Street. The Real Deal has more:

For the second day in a row, a developer filed a permit application to build a hotel in the neighborhood long known for hipsters and warehouses. [Read more...]

Mysteryland Interview: Moon Boots

Moon Boots

Raised in Brooklyn and Connecticut and then finding himself in Chicago, French Express artist Moon Boots knows what’s up when it comes to house music. Both cities’ influences can be heard in his disco-infused tracks that give him a sound that’s both timeless and modern. Having roots in the Big Apple and Chi-Town have given him a wide perspective of the club scene and just what it takes to satisfy diverse audiences. His mega-mixes incorporate decades of sound, while some of his more recent remixes. like the one he did of CHVRCHES the Mother We Share, are uniquely ethereal.

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See photos of old Williamsburg thanks to the NY Public Library, A new site from the NY Public Library debuted today and it lets you see old NYC photos with their corresponding geographic locations. Here’s a few photos of [Read more...]

Top 5 shows of the weekend


Happy memorial day weekend! This has already been a great week for shows, with Courtney Barnett on Tuesday and TV On the Radio on Wednesday already setting things up nicely. If you’re away travelling, you’ll be missing some outstanding music!

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Video: Ducktails – ‘Headbanging In The Mirror’


Matt Mondanile of Real Estate (aka Ducktails) has a new record coming out on July 24th. Here’s the first single from St. Catherine. Ducktails will be at Bowery Ballroom on August 8. [Read more...]

Watch a play about poo! Toilet Fire: Rectums in the Rectory

toiletEveryone likes a little bathroom humor, even the most righteous of us. If you are stuck in the city this weekend, don’t flush it down the drain. You can still see an original ode to the commode by Eliza Bent.

Toilet Fire features such characters as an elderly Peest (priest), a sullen teen (alter-girl), a talkative flight attendant (cantor), and a variety of congregants with an assortment of ailments. By the end of this tour-de-toots, the trappings of a religious service fall away and Toilet Fire reverts to a solo show with the real Eliza Bent talking and ultimately asking: How can we best relieve suffering? There will be puns. There will be poo.

Wednesday, May 20 @ 8pm
Thursday, May 21 @ 8pm
Friday, May 22 @ 2:15 pm *matinee performance*
Friday, May 22 @ 8pm
Saturday, May 23 @ 8pm

WHERE: JACK, 505 ½ Waverly Ave.
TICKETS: $15 in advance or cash only at the door

Five Leaves POV burger lunch

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.16.19 PM

Do you work a 9-5 job and wish you could enjoy a leisured, weekday big breakkie?  Don’t have time to wait two hours on Sunday morning for a table? Craving some avocado toast and a bloody mary? Lament no more, y’all!

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Bloody start to week with two murders in Bushwick and Williamsburg


This is of course, horrible news and a reminder that in addition to artisinal bakeries, North Brooklyn still has its share of violent crime:

A pair of bloody murders rocked Williamsburg and Bushwick on Monday and Tuesday. [Read more...]