This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

Napalm-Death-Apex-Predator-Easy-MeatFor metal fans, today isn’t just grocery shopping on an empty stomach, it’s Ghandi walking into a goddamn Wegmans. After a couple of lean weeks, hell has officially risen on earth and, with it, a salivary gland-stimulating roster of new releases and wicked shows just begging to be devoured. So grab the cart and get at it, because much like bananas (fucking bananas, man) this stuff won’t last.

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National Weather Service weatherman apologizes for overblown forecast


We’d rather hear an apology from Cuomo for closing down the MTA — which made absolutely no sense to anyone. (Especially since the trains were running anyway!) That said, we’re enjoying the snow day so no apologies are needed. [via]

Video: Zola Jesus played open air in a blizzard

During the second night of her sold out stint at Greenpoint’s Saint Vitus, Zola Jesus took to the streets and performed Nail outside the club in the developing blizzard around 9pm on Monday night.


Graffiti artist Xerorocks tagging Bushwick Collective’s murals, blames them for gentrifying


In the last several weeks, Xerorocks has been tagging — and sometimes painting over — many of Bushwick Collective’s murals:

ZEXOR, a graffiti writer born and bred in NYC, has been on a rampage lately, defacing (or beautifying, depending on who you talk to) one mural after another with spray paint. His main target? The Bushwick Collective, an ongoing street art project that facilitates the painting of scores of walls by urban artists. [Read more...]

Video: Here’s what the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront looked like in 1992

williamsburg1992Check out this short video that was recently uploaded to YouTube by photographer Roland Andrijauskas of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront in 1992. The clip shows the rawness of the early 90′s waterfront (try to ignore the weird alien transmissions in the audio) when the twin towers were visible behind smoke stacks. Watch below:

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Top 5 shows of the weekend


I’ll be taking over this column from Coleman, who has admirably been handing you better plans than you had for the weekend for quite some time now. Your ears might get a bit more of a break from time to time (please, always bring earplugs), but as someone who goes to 150-odd shows a year, I’m hoping you will find the quality of recommendations remain high.

5) Dave Gorman at Subculture
I’m throwing a bit of a curveball to start things off, with a comedy show at Subculture. Dave Gorman is a British comic, and I’m always a bit wary of our humour getting lost in translation (as the saying goes, “a common language separated by two countries”), but Gorman is nerdy and niche enough to hopefully pull in more than just an expat crowd. I went last night and thought he was hilarious. There will be a powerpoint presentation…

Friday and Saturday, 7pm and 9pm both nights (and another 6 performances at the same venue next week).

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A sad songs dance party is coming to Williamsburg next week

wineHave you ever wanted to cry and dance at the same time in a public setting? Next week you’ll have your chance at Passenger Bar‘s “Cry and Wine: A Party For Your Feelings” featuring Alicia Kennedy on the decks starting at 8pm on 1/28. From Brooklyn Paper:

“I want to play the kind of music that makes you get into your feelings. You’ll feel something different than a normal dance party.”

Cry and Wine: A Party for Your Feelings is Kennedy’s first solo set, a departure from her usual collaboration as part of the Teenage Guide to Popularity, a monthly music video party with pal Douglas Bleggi.

Kennedy said she plans to play a mix of tearjerkers, including dancey-but-depressing classics from Joy Division and the Smiths, along with newer sensitive kids, such as Drake and Lana Del Rey.


- @joshmorrissey

Rudy’s Barbershop – on Williamsburg, drug-induced freak-outs, and wasted beauty



Rudy’s Barbershop officially opened its doors to Williamsburg last month, offering quality haircuts and a dedicated pop-up shop from leather goods manufacturer and retailer, Tanner Goods. The ten-chair barbershop is also home to a stunning wall mural by New York-based artist, Romon Yang.

Rudy’s Director of Store Design and native of Brooklyn, Marshall Ryan, had this to say about the beautiful building that now houses our shop, “There’s a strange grime on the façade that I want to believe is some byproduct of the millions of pounds of sugar that was refined daily by our late neighbor, the Domino Sugar Factory. Under all of that soot is an unusual 1890s Neogothic structure that stands out from the bulk of building types in the neighborhood. 33 Grand Street was originally Northside Bank, later a chemicals storage warehouse, followed by an assortment of tenants from the 70s to now. I’ve been told that one tenant, in the 90s, ran something kind of like a speakeasy, but for hard drugs and prostitution – that tenancy allegedly ended in a drug-induced rampage in which all the original 1800s casework was destroyed and left on the curb for collection. We’re going to throw some pretty cool parties… but maybe not that cool.” [Read more...]