This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

tribulation Come for the metal. Stay for the metal. By now you know the drill, so let’s just get to it.

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Williamsbug woman charged twelve thousand dollars for Uber to Midtown


Williamsburg resident Jamie Hessel got a bill from Uber for $12,142.49 for her trip from Grand Street in Williamsburg to Midtown East a few weeks ago. Gothamist spoke to her about the ordeal that started with a terrible [Read more...]

Numero Group pop-up shop in Greenpoint this weekend


If you don’t own a record released by the Numero Group then you have a great chance to rectify that this weekend as the Chicago-based re-issue label will be in town.

The shop will be at Human NYC on 110 Meserole Avenue in Greenpoint from midday on Friday the 24th until 8pm on Sunday the 26th of April (MAP). Details can be found on this Facebook event page (edit – new link as per comment below).

Everything the label release is done at huge effort and love, digging into the most obscure material that was either long lost, forgotten, or just didn’t get a fair crack of the whip at the time. The label excels at unearthing soul and funk gems, but lately has done an amazing job with slowcore and proto-grunge, with the likes of Codeine, Bedhead and Unwound getting lavish boxset treatments. It’s hard to go wrong with anything you could buy, but some of my personal recommendations are below the jump.

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Uber offering L train relief with $5 ‘Uber pools’ to and from Williamsburg


Why do you insist on making it so hard for us to hate you, Uber, you opportunistic bastards?

Transportation options between Manhattan and North Brooklyn will be limited over the next 5 weekends. Not only does this put a wrench in your brunch plans, but it causes a major disruption for local business. [Read more...]

Teddy’s reopens with a new menu


That was quick. We stopped by and, thankfully, Teddy’s looks pretty much the same. We’d hate to have seen this Northside institution morph into something more trendy, though it was definitely time to improve upon the food. [Read more...]

Get pretty at Primped

bust primped

Our friends at BUST are hosting an indie beauty and fashion fair Primped all day Sunday at the Brooklyn Bazaar. The $5 entry lets you treat yo’ self to salon treatments, workshops, nail art, hair braids and photo booth selfies. The first 300 guests get goodie bags filled with beauty swag. [Read more...]

Top 5 shows of the weekend

mercury girls

Don’t forget that L train has forsaken us this weekend (and for the next 5 weekends afterwards). Fret not, for once that crushing realisation subsides you can perk up in the knowledge that any efforts to battle this inconvenience will be rewarded with some fine entertainment.

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Over the Counter: This Week in New and Interesting Music

institute“Over the Counter” is a column focused on new and interesting music that isn’t heavily featured on major music blogs. In this edition: Institute, Collapsing Scenery, Shark? and Prurient. [Read more...]